How is the experience of studying in Japan different between a division and a graduate school?

Generally speaking, at this stage of the examination, the difficulty of the examination department will be greater than that of the examination college, but when entering the campus life situation will have earth-shaking changes, so let’s take a look at the campus experience of the department and the college what is the difference?The division is the meaning of university undergraduate course, the school gate is difficult to enter, but once you step forward, congratulations, welcome to the division of life!Speaking of the school life in Japan, we have to mention the extracurricular activities, which are mainly divided into two parts: club activities and department activities.Among them, club activities are more relaxed and pleasant. Basically, some people with common interests communicate and share together.For example, the impression of cosplay club is mostly strange clothes in the eyes of ordinary people, and it is difficult to experience the fun, but people with the same hobby together is not the same, a lot of people, row feet, strange is to watch guests.There is also the band association, do not imagine the kind of phantom association in China, nominal, the other people’s band is not water at all, very high-end, the band should have all the configurations, regular in the downtown of a live house or a station in front of a small live, the performance is really good.And the department of activities is more strict, based on sports activities, the intensity of training is very big, at least 5 times a week training, unless very special circumstances, otherwise it is difficult to ask for leave, this is not you want to go to want to go to the place, the department of activities inside the implementation of strict elder relationship, see the elder must bow 90°.Kendo department, for example, the kendo is not let you knives sword’s brimming, but wear a suit like endure, quite handsome, or so long, and then take a stick a lun, it is a traditional Japanese movement, Chinatown detect, Tokyo have seen it, “hello” southeast Asia is a set of “kendo eighteen stick”.Another example is the Baseball Department. When it comes to baseball, it may not be well-known in China, but when you say NBA, the reaction will be: “I know, I know!””The hottest thing in America is the NBA.”That you can really wrong oh, the United States recognized four major sports leagues, actually is the least fire, the NBA and major league baseball is also MLB national ratings and recognition are higher than the NBA, so based on the the relationship between the United States and Japan, everyone know, baseball is more popular in Japan, really national movement.Taking part in these extracurricular activities in Japan is really not a joke. Many Japanese do not pay much attention to study after entering university, as long as they can pass the exam and finally get the graduation certificate smoothly.However, they are particularly concerned about extracurricular activities, because Japanese people are not obsessed with academic qualifications, and promotions and salary increases in Japan are not based on academic qualifications but on length of service. Most people will work directly after finishing school. In the process of job interview, enterprises attach more importance to what activities have you participated in during university?What does it mean to you?What have you learned?If you can get good results by participating in club activities, it will be better for you to find a job.In addition, almost all universities will hold the Festival, generally a grand, there will be performances, live portrait, haunted house, maid cafe, restaurant and other activities, completely founded by students themselves, very exercise people.Basically, the main tone of the reading department is to focus on activities and study as a supplement. What the university wants to teach students at this stage is how to integrate into the group and how to improve their emotional intelligence.Read big college is the master graduate student that home says, be called to be a monk in Japan, the painting style that is different from the life of school section during big college.When you are a monk, you have to keep up with your professors. Different professors have different teaching styles. As their disciples, you can only adjust yourself to keep up with your professors.Compared with academic life, the life of the graduate school basically revolves around two key terms: “report” and “publication”.The frequency is very high. Some LABS have reports and announcements 2-3 times a week, and some even need to make announcements every day.Both liberal arts and science have to write reports. Japanese graduate schools pay more attention to cultivating students’ ability to think independently and explore problems.In most cases, professors do not give lectures. Students take turns to deliver lectures, and professors give direct comments.In fact, the students themselves should be happy in this way, can be handed down by the professor, a blow to point out the problem, the ability of students will have a qualitative leap.But I have to spend a lot of time to read, consult literature, prepare materials and write reports and papers every week.To tell the truth, the study pressure is relatively large, will take up most of the time of students, if there is no reasonable adjustment of life, life during the graduate school is very suffocating.Of course, you will feel that there is nothing wrong with a full life, after all, it is to learn skills, miserable life a little more reasonable.Of course, it’s all on the same campus, so the club activities are the same as the Lyceum.No one is stopping you if you want to attend, but students who are monks may not really have the time to attend these activities because they have their hands full preparing reports.Even if some students have extra energy, they will choose to participate in the research activities of their major to recharge their batteries, improve their professional level and enhance their relationship with professors.Students are studying in graduate schools, and they are more mature than those in the department, and they know what they want better. Maybe it is more important to develop contacts at this time.How, all is in the university, the department and the college are two kinds of life condition opposite completely?In fact, the state of the Japanese university is a normal state, should not volume of the place do not volume, during the department to play quickly, the focus of training on the emotional intelligence of students, after all, the graduate directly looking for a job, enterprise leaders can not catch you to solve a high number of problems!During the graduate school, academic research was strictly focused on, and the teaching plan was implemented with the goal of cultivating highly educated talents.This arrangement makes more sense.All in all, studying in Japan is a good choice, whether it is a division or a graduate school. If you are still hesitating, please take a quick assessment and we will give you some advice on studying abroad according to your situation.A: Zero basis B: N5 C: N4 D: N3 E: N2 F: N13 How about English A: Very good B: Average C: Relatively poor 4, what is your educational background A:Undergraduate B: Junior college C: Senior high school D: Vocational high school E: technical secondary school F: Technical school G: Others 5. Time to study abroad A: 2022 B:2023 C: to be determined

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