Nanning Daming Mountain a large area of rime landscape, travel before booking tickets

February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, Nanning Daming Mountain appeared a large area of rime landscape.Many tourists are climbing mountains and looking far away to welcome the New Year in the beautiful scenery covered with white snow.Crystal clear rime as if to the mountains covered with a layer of silver white gauze, the mountain dressed up as a silver wrapped world, in the best position to enjoy daming Mountain rime “snow pavilion” and “Yunlong Foguang” two scenic spots, mountains stack up, rime covered the spectacular scenery of the mountains.Scenic staff to remind, because the rime is a natural phenomenon, affected by factors such as weather, tourists like to daming mountain view and admire rime, need before travel booking the ticket, and consulting the relevant situation and then to the scenic area, scenic spot rime, the daily maximum number of 3500 people in the park, such as maximum hotels, scenic spots will be closed tickets online, visitors will not be in not to buy tickets.In addition, during the Spring Festival, Daming Mountain launched a “winter tour daming Mountain, climbing over danian” series of activities, during the rime, the scenic spot for minors of 6-18 years of age, full-time university undergraduate and the following students, 60-65 years of age for the implementation of half-price tickets.To source | guangxi news channel

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