Repeatedly selling “top e-cigarettes”, money laundering, allowing others to take drugs, illegal business…Several defendants were convicted

Wuhu in anhui province on March 31, dove jiang district people’s court on the synthetic cannabinoid electronic smoke oil of drug trafficking case made the first-instance judgment, with crime of drug trafficking, money laundering, shelter others drug crimes, the crime of illegal business sentenced the defendant Chen a fixed-term imprisonment, seventeen years prison terms ranging from five months to criminal detention, and concurrently fine of sixty thousand yuan to five thousand yuan,Confiscate Chen mou property eighty thousand yuan.The court heard that:During July to August in 2021, the defendant Chen to seek illegal interests, electronic cigarettes containing a drug synthetic cannabinoid oil (commonly known as “top electronic smoke”) with the smoke oil blending, in 1 150 yuan to 300 yuan price of zhao mou to the defendant, a neat so-and-so, zhao mou, qi so-and-so and others as offline,Sell them to each other or sell them to others, including minors, through meituan errand or Courier service to earn a difference.Chen Mou, Zhao mou, Qi xx and other defendants trafficking in drugs a total of more than 180.In order to cover up and conceal the illegal nature and illegal source of the proceeds from drug trafficking, the defendant Chen mou transferred drug funds more than 23,600 yuan through liu mou and others (all handled in another case) mobile payment account, and the defendant Zhao Mou covered up and concealed drug funds more than 5,700 yuan through the mobile payment account of the defendant Zong.From July to August 2021, the defendants He, Wu and Li allowed others to smoke e-cigarettes containing synthetic cannabinoids in their residences and rental cars for several times.The defendant, Surnamed Sun, allowed five minors to smoke e-cigarettes containing synthetic cannabinoids in hotel rooms.It was also found that from June to November 2020, the defendant Chen, without the relevant qualifications for the operation of dangerous chemicals, repeatedly bought nitrous oxide from others at a low price and sold it to many people for profit.The court held that Chen mou, Zhao mou, Qi xx and other defendants ignored national laws, knowing that synthetic cannabinoids are drugs and repeatedly sold, their actions constitute the crime of drug trafficking.The defendant Chen a, zhao mou a drug use others’ mobile payment account and transfer funds, to cover up and conceal the illegal nature and source of illegal obtained drug trafficking, the defendant of a certain drug trafficking, knowing that others are still providing their personal mobile payment account drug used to charge and transfer funds, to cover up and hide others sources of income the illegal nature of drug trafficking and illegal,The act constitutes money laundering.The defendant he xx, Wu mou, Li mou repeatedly allow others to take drugs, the defendant Sun mou allow minors to take drugs, its behavior constitutes the crime of allowing others to take drugs.The defendant Chen mou violates the state regulations, without obtaining the dangerous chemical business license, alone or in partnership with others to illegally operate nitrous oxide, disturb the market order, the circumstances are serious, its behavior constitutes the crime of illegal business.The court made the above judgment based on the facts, circumstances and penitence of the defendants.

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