Guangxi Yulin Agricultural School: Cultivate agriculture-related professional clusters to boost the economic development of small farmers

It is an important link in the current rural economic reform and development to cultivate new agricultural operating subjects, improve the agricultural socialized service system, and realize the organic link between small farmers and modern agriculture development.Relying on a number of educational reform projects at guangxi regional level, Guangxi Yulin Agricultural School has built a professional cluster related to agriculture and cultivated a large number of talents who “understand agriculture, love rural areas and farmers”, thus creating a distinctive way to boost rural revitalization.Since 2012, Guangxi Yulin Agricultural School, founded in 1956, has carried out systematic teaching reform in response to the development needs of large-scale agricultural operation subjects and small farmers in Yulin. Focusing on boosting the development of modern agriculture in Yulin, it has built a “double line and six coordination” agriculture-related professional construction model.We will adhere to the “dual track” of serving the development of large-scale operation entities such as agricultural enterprises and supporting small farmers, and participate in professional construction through the cooperation of “agricultural schools + agricultural sciences + Agricultural associations + agricultural enterprises + farmers” and other entities.Built the gardening, livestock and poultry production, rural comprehensive economic management, storage and processing of agricultural products, tourism services and management (sightseeing agriculture direction), e-commerce () in the direction of rural electricity agricultural professional groups, such as agricultural enterprises such as the professional group of agricultural services scale operators and support small farmers to coordinated development pattern of professional Settings,In guangxi vocational schools highlighted its agricultural characteristics and competitive advantages.Established in the school at the same time, relying on the country’s first professional farmers institute – guangxi yulin professional farmers institute, systemic training to promote small farmers ideological and cultural quality and production management level, promote small farmers’ income to get rich on the economy, promoted the yulin city to consolidate expand the crucial results effective connection with country revitalization of poverty.In the process of exploring specialty construction, the university has achieved remarkable achievements in reform. First, it has achieved remarkable achievements in promoting the coordinated development of small farmers and agricultural industry in Yulin.In 2021, the school won the title of “National Rural Revitalization Talent Training Quality School”.In the past five years, the one-time employment rate of graduates has reached 98.5%, and the major matching rate is 96.2%. More than 80% of graduates are employed in Guangxi, and 65% choose yulin.Guangxi Yulin Vocational Farmers College has trained 26,788 people and won the title of “Demonstration Base for Cultivating New Professional Farmers” in Guangxi. Its students have won many national and Guangxi regional honors.Teachers have presided over or participated in 17 scientific research projects, and won guangxi Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery harvest award — one contribution award for agricultural technology promotion.Second, the educational strength of agriculture-related majors has been significantly improved.Three construction projects of guangxi Secondary vocational demonstration specialty and training base have been approved, with a total construction funds of 15 million yuan.One major won the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot construction projects in Guangxi, with construction funds of 500,000 YUAN;One professional brand professional group construction project was approved in Guangxi, with construction funds of 5 million yuan;Obtained 3 pilot majors of 1+X certificate system.Teachers presided over 24 projects of guangxi vocational education reform, and 20 projects were concluded.Guangxi Vocational Education Teaching achievement Award 1 special prize, 1 first prize, 4 second prize;Teachers and students won 97 national and Guangxi regional competition awards.Third, agriculture – related professional demonstration radiation effect is obvious.The school has been the organizer of guangxi Vocational college skills Competition “Modern Agronomy Technology” and “Vegetable Grafting” for 6 consecutive years.The school led the establishment of guangxi Fruit, vegetable and flower production Technology Professional group production and education Integration Alliance;Two cases were selected into the National Top 100 Rural revitalization talent Training quality school achievement Exhibition.

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