What the three elementary school students slipped into the police station turned out to be…

Recently, Hechi, Guangxi.Three primary school students passed a police station, quietly put some things in a small cabinet at the door, and then ran away.But when the staff opened the items, it was touching.At first, I thought the three children were playing a prank because they put something away quietly and then ran away with their backpacks on their backs.But why are we moved by them? Let’s look at the details.Pictures from the network, infringement must be deleted.What these three children put down, when opened, was some money in an envelope, which should be their lucky money.The money is also written in immature handwriting: please help me to donate baise.Originally, baise epidemic broke out recently, 3 children also want to do their bit.Pictures from the network, infringement must be deleted.Many netizens said that the pattern of children is too big, ideological consciousness far beyond the same age!Some netizens said that such a child is so good that they all cried. A strong young country is strong!Others said the children were very loving and worthy of praise, but the money should not be accepted.Praise for these 3 lovely children, with a childlike innocence interpretation of a true feeling, let a person moved, Baise come on!What do you think of it?Welcome to leave a message.Pictures from the network, infringement must be deleted.

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