Who are the “four ugly women” in history? Their endings are happier than one

Well known in ancient China has four big beautiful women, but beauty since ancient times more than the main, these four women don’t have a can to die a natural death, xi shi was all the princes for beauty, finally some say die sinking river, some say escape nowhere, while the sable cicada is treated as a political tool used to trading, after the death of lu bu she is gone, Yang is the tang dynasty love,But because of the chaos of anshi finally hanged himself in Mawei slope, Wang Zhaojun is tortured, married xiongnu life suffered, only left qingzhong looked at home.In addition to the famous four beautiful women, you know there are also four ugly women in Chinese history, although they are ugly, but each of them has unique ability and noble moral character, not only that, they also found their own Mr. Right, the ending is happier than the last one, then who are the four ugly women?What are their stories?01 – yellow emperor’s wife Mo mother this is the first ancient yellow emperor’s wife Mo mother, this woman called four ugly women, according to historical records, Mo female body fatness, dark skin, the most important is looks very ugly, forehead even said that like a copper hammer, even looks back nor could be like this, can be listed in the first place, would be ugly to be into the eye.Is such a ugly woman, was the yellow emperor princess charge for their own time, the yellow emperor did this, although way is Mo mother looks ugly, but has a kind heart, and very noble, who is also a hard-working, have such a wife, for he is also a great help, followed by he wanted to set up a good climate,At that time, many people married for their looks. Huang Di did not want this situation to happen, so he set an example by marrying such an ugly woman.After nanmu married the Emperor, she was even more grateful and diligent. She devoted herself wholeheartedly to assisting her husband. In addition to managing the imperial palace, nanmu also held the position of minister in charge of exorcism and disaster, which was related to sacrificial activities at that time.Wait to the later generations, people also serve Mo mother of god, the god of exorcism, there are rumors that exorcism mask is used when made by Mo mother’s face, see how much she was ugly, and as the yellow emperor’s wife had been taken care of her husband, some greatly small things, its own ability and character has become a lot of people love’s concubines, and accompanied by the yellow emperor to the old.02 – clock from the spring of the second princess is the spring and autumn period and the warring states period of the clock spring, also known as wu yen, she is born ugly, people around you see she is stay at a respectful distance from sb, however, she did not inferiority because of such a situation, but have been full read now, not only has the noble moral character, even more it is compared with the intellect, at the same time,She also determined to marry princes and nobles, will never marry ordinary people.For such ambition, a lot of people laugh at her is wishful thinking, which famous family’s children side without a few talented and beautiful women accompany it?Zhong Wuyan had no hope to realize such a dream, but who would have thought that god would give her such a chance, let her not only marry the nobles, but also become the queen at that time.It also talked about JiXuan king at that time, in succession to the throne after the king JiXuan luxury enjoyment, to state affairs are not on the heart, and a personality is more violent, secretary to persuade him also of no help, sometimes even lost his temper, also destroyed a lot of innocent people, after heard that there is such a king, hd set out immediately, decided to personally visit JiXuan king,Zhong Wuyan finally saw him after many difficulties and dangers.Then, she lists the qi now facing the situation, but also concerns the accused JiXuan did the king reign, the denunciation of swept over also let JiXuan were shocked by the king, he realized his mistake, he also thank hd this woman in a timely manner to persuade yourself, it avoid qi dead in their own hands.In order to thank Zhong Wuyan and to have someone urging him all the time in the future, he decided to marry her as his queen. In this way, Zhong Wuyan became the princess of King Xuan of The State of Qi at that time, and even intervened in the government affairs. However, it was all for the construction of the state of Qi, and the ministers all supported her.Say rather hd looks, that really is no better than Mo mother go, her head became less, eyes, nose is big and pretty, what is more important as a woman she had the Adam’s apple, it looking like a man’s physical characteristics, genetic disorders are questionable whether gender, but her with their ideas and honest with each other for the country with her personality won the respect of all,Also won the trust of King Xuan of Qi, also has a better ending.03 love pastoral seclusion, meng meng the third is the eastern han dynasty, she was born in local landlords chaebol home, have been also received a good education, piano chess calligraphy and painting master, at the same time also has a noble moral sentiment, so she determined to find her husband in the future must find moral, man like Liang Hong to celebrities at that time,It was all very well for her, but she was so ugly, short and stout, with big eyebrows and swarthy skin, that no man would look at her.But who would have thought Liang Hong later heard that the husband she wants to find himself, had spoken to, claiming to marry meng, you know he’s handsome, students have both talent and virtue, if you want to look for other woman without any problems of a large house, why they choose such a ugly, actually Liang Hong is meng in moral character,At the time of the betrowry, meng Guang had already given a hint. He had sent cloth clothes, a linen basket and weaving tools, and Meng Guang naturally understood why.Liang Hong is actually to tell her what you want to live a rural life of seclusion, which means meng to escape a life she had rich families, though, meng not hesitate choose to marry him, since then, two people also is up, seclusion of a fairy handsome couple life, have to say that it has the same values and ideals,Husband and wife are indeed a rare couple.04 intelligence – nguyen female this last one is The Three Kingdoms period Xu Yun wife nguyen female, the woman is ugly at that time notorious, Xu Yun but because her talents will it take for my wife, can be in the wedding night, he was back, because nguyen female true is too ugly, let him be startled.But wait until he just want to seize the door and out, was ruan female pull don’t let him go, xu Yun asked her four de you have what, Ruan female said in addition to the appearance of other have, and then asked Xu Yun again what, only know lecherous?Do you deserve to be a gentleman?This a rhetoric Xu Yun say shame, finally can only accept the ugly wife, parents don’t see people ugly, but itself is less than the wit of man, even a lot of times Xu Yun some think impassability question to ask her, in a crisis is nguyen thi women for its ideas, it’s interpretation of ugly wife is home treasure this sentence.Wait until xu Yun later died, Ruan’s female is by virtue of their own ability to save their two sons’ lives, and continue to live in this troubled times, it can be said that such a woman is really both wisdom and courage, even if some heroes also have to surrender.Although these four ugly women are not as famous as the four beautiful women, many people do not know the existence of these four people, but their noble moral character and outstanding talent is worthy of future generations of people admire and remember.Is the so-called “all that glitters is not gold, the ocean cannot be measured in the bucket”, we can’t list from a person’s appearance to judge the stand or fall of the man, also can not only see appearance level to make friends, the body hair skin, by the parents, can grow into what on earth are not our personal decisions, so we’re going to equality of each person, whether it is a beauty and ugliness, should give full respect and recognition.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!

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