Minhang this 6 km ring community greenway has been built and opened!Little leaves accompany you to celebrate the Spring Festival

In 2021, Minhang has built a community type greenway with a total length of 33.2 kilometers, which is characterized by distinctive features, convenient and accessible, and open and shared, involving xinhong, Pujiang and Pujin streets and towns.Today let’s look at 6 kilometers has established an open new rainbow ring community green way ~ new rainbow ring street community green way Hitom harbinger, sakura forest walks through the snow, mei Green series ring formation New rainbow ring street community green way along the ShenGui road green space, to the day to visit, horizontal many way west to north, south to Yang hong road, east to form a closed loop ShenGui road,Through connecting the slow road in series, improve the service function of the surrounding green space to the residents.In addition to the transformation and optimization of the road network, the greening landscape along the line has also been greatly improved.Green lane is given priority to with early spring flowering plants arrangement in ManXingDao on both sides, to create a brilliant shades shades of red early spring scenery, to make full use of the features, reasonable adjustment, to build “as the principle, use the lower space of the original forest road and square, build characteristic space through the middle flower shrubs, forming” haitang harbinger “” sakura walk” Lin found through the snow “mei” three blocks.The main plant varieties for Japanese early cherry, silk begonia, plum and so on.Node locations such as intersection, corner and square are arranged around the long-acting flower border, reflecting plant diversity, enriching the landscape level, so as to improve the landscape quality of greenway.With the creation of “15-minute community living circle”, the greenway breaks through the space break point and promotes the extension of urban greenway to the community, so that residents can directly enter the greenway when they push the door out.Greenway is made of new environment-friendly permeable asphalt material, consisting of 5-layer structural cushion, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also more comfortable for walking.The leisure square is set up in the spacious part to provide a place for citizens to exercise.After the completion of the greenway, it will be open all day long. The location of the greenway will be improved in combination with the surrounding environment to build colorful landscape pieces reflecting the local culture and history and community conditions, improve the artistic atmosphere and become a public recreational landscape line.Such as space and time tunnel corridor frame, slow among them, pleasing to the eye.The construction of greenway in Hong Huan community is mainly divided into two categories: garden project and architectural decoration project.The featured node landscape is made in various forms, including hard frame such as time and space tunnel corridor to enrich the landscape, garden decoration pieces such as cartoon animals to add interest, and colorful recreation road, ecological green corridor, waterfront landscape experience belt, winding tree-lined walkway and other landscape zoning to create characteristic scenery.The main node carefully arranged a number of flower beds flower border.All kinds of corridor full of design feeling Hidden in the flowers in the garden decoration essay cartoon animals Greenway construction greatly meets the requirements of residents leisure fitness, in addition, to facilitate the masses, area green park is still at the node location set leisure platform, the construction of the small square, convenient masses square dance and QuanCao activities, in addition all configuration convenient service facilities,Add a large number of leisure seats and solar street lamps energy-saving lighting system to ensure all-weather open, to ensure the safety of night exercise.Walk tired can rest feet solar street lighting system material source: @ today Min Line statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be processed in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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