No coach can be no. 1 in the world. She proved she’s not no. 2

The international Table Tennis Federation updated the latest rankings, and it can be seen from the data that Sun Yingsha is 405 points ahead of Chen Meng to become the world’s no. 1 table tennis player.Since the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chen Meng may be the physical condition, condition, etc., not too good, the record is not very ideal.Shasha’s defeated Iteng ranked third behind Chen Meng, the strength of the small Wang Manyu temporarily fourth, the difference between the two scores is not obvious.Sun Yingsha in the past year to the fans presented a number of exciting battles, the Tokyo Olympic Games in the semifinal twice defeated ITO Meimato, contributed to!Sun Yingsha grew up in the table tennis team belongs to the state of leisure, without the guidance of the head coach, relying on their own hard work step by step become the mainstay of the team, only 21 years old she has a bright future!In the future, Sun Yingsha still needs to work hard and train again and again. Don’t let her future be spoiled.

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