The Year of the tiger blessing to see the world heritage of Quanzhou: The Lantern Festival, flowers flourish, blessing to the four seas

Minnan network February 15 news (Minnan network reporter Chen Yuling Hong Hong Yuan text/map) The Lantern Festival, the world heritage of Quanzhou to eight visitors to send quan Fu.This morning, the theme of “Blessing” cultural activity, “Blessing” in the Year of the Tiger — World Heritage quanzhou: I send all blessings in the East China Sea, kicked off in Quanzhou Fuwen Temple, a series of wonderful activities.Zhang yan, the CPC fujian provincial committee, minister of the propaganda department of the CPC fujian provincial committee, quanzhou municipal party committee secretary Liu Jianyang, Liu Weize, deputy secretary of the CPC fujian provincial party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China (quanzhou municipal committee and the secretary-general ShiYuHui, quanzhou municipal committee, minister of the propaganda department of the communist party of China, the united front work department minister Chen Huizong, quanzhou city vice mayor xiao-hui Chen attended the activity.

As a cultural city with a history of one thousand years and a famous heritage city, the “fu” culture of Quanzhou has a profound historical heritage, and the “fu” named all over the city.According to incomplete statistics, quanzhou with “blessing” more than 600 places.Liu Jianyang, said the event is one of the important measures, actively responded to an appeal by the provincial party committee is of great significance to carry forward the “fu” culture, “fu” cultural resources in quanzhou in the future will be further mining, polished “fu” cultural identity, the construction of cultural carrier, “fu” go out “fu” culture, constantly enhance Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese identity and sense of belonging, a sense of pride.Activities such as praying for, wishing for and honoring good fortune have penetrated into every aspect of quanzhou citizens’ life and become an integral part of Minnan culture and Sea silk culture.Liu jianyang said that Quanzhou will further promote the creative transformation and development of Hisi culture and Southern Fujian culture, build the “Song and Yuan China — Hisi Quanzhou” brand, and constantly improve the city’s recognition, reputation and international influence.Liu Jianyang invited the guests and citizens to visit quanzhou, enjoy the lantern feast of “Drunken ancient city with thousands of lanterns”, enjoy the nanyin performance of “Thousands of Luo Qi orchestral Music” and experience the folk customs of southern Fujian of “half the city fireworks and half the city fairy”.There are more than 9.5 million Overseas Chinese around the world, 90% of whom live in countries and regions along the “Maritime Silk Road”.In Taiwan, a treasure island across the Taiwan Strait, nearly half of the Han Chinese have their ancestral home in Quanzhou. They are dedicated to their homeland and benefit the mulberry family, making significant contributions to the economic and social development of their hometown and cultural exchanges with other countries.Yang Ronghui, vice chairman of the National Association of Taiwan Compatriots investment Enterprises, enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the Lantern Festival in Quanzhou this year.”The Lantern Festival customs on both sides of the strait are the same, everyone’s heart is also together.”Looking back on the past, Yang Ronghui said, thanks to the prosperity of the motherland, so that Taiwan compatriots like him have the opportunity to come back to invest in business, have the opportunity to experience the rapid development of the motherland, through the Lantern Festival, wish the motherland prosperity, cross-strait family.The puppet show also attracted many overseas Chinese and overseas students.Masen, from Yemen, is a sophomore majoring in business administration at Huaqiao University.After he came to Quanzhou to study, he shared his food, clothing, accommodation and travel with his family back home almost every day.He said that when he saw quanzhou people get together during the festival, he felt a lively atmosphere and hoped to spend more time in China and in Quanzhou.Xiao Long, also an overseas student, is also a student of Huaqiao University. His nationality is Uzbekistan.Having lived in Quanzhou for two years, the young man said bluntly that “Quanzhou is a very interesting place”.Usually, he also likes to walk to the west street, eat quanzhou food, he wants to tell more friends, must come to Quanzhou tourism, feel the diverse culture of Quanzhou.The event site arranged puppet show “Yuanxiao Music”, the new nanyin “wind hit pear” and other “blessing” cultural programs, launched “world heritage send blessing” “world heritage pray” folk flash flash, shopfloor to send blessing parade, “Spring” home punch card point and other related activities, together with the citizens to the future to send blessing, fortune, fortune, pray, create happiness!Source:

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