Why South Korea fell, than the Chinese team first gold also let so many people excited?

“My eye is the ruler, do not need to see the replay!”I believe those who watched the live broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games clearly heard this cheering sentence. This is one of the many golden words that wang Meng, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, broke out in the commentary stand tonight.Teacher Huang said: I have never seen such explanation.(Laughter) Wu Dajing crossed the finish line ahead of Italy by 0.016 seconds. China won the short track mixed team 2,000-meter relay. It was China’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics — achieved on the first official competition day after the opening ceremony!This is China’s 14th Gold medal at the Winter Olympics, and the 11th for the short-track speed skating team, and you can probably understand the origin of Wang Meng’s emotional commentary.But if you start from the quarterfinals, you can understand the twists and turns of this gold medal, and you can also experience Wang Meng’s quip.The focus of the quarterfinal was not on The Chinese team, but on the Korean team, who fell down.Anyone who watches short track speed skating can understand the endless relationship between the words “Korean team” and “fall.””I wanted to see how the Korean team fell, whether it was caused by others or by themselves…When we first saw the Korean team fall down, Ahn nodded his head, well done…No!It’s normal…”I think it’s hard for an audience to hear that without laughing.China finished third in the semifinals, then the Russian Olympic Committee was fouled out along with the US team and China advanced to the final.The final was still a bumpy one, and when Hungary and Canada stumbled off the track in the first run, they could not have imagined a repeat of the tragedy minutes later, when, of course, Canada committed a foul.The referee called a restart and China came back from third to first — thanks to the two women before Hungary and Canada fell.And even after two knockouts and a half-lap lead over their only remaining rivals, Italy, the last few laps were just as nerve-racking.In the last two laps, Wu was chased by the Italian last-leg racer so much so that he was only 0.016 seconds ahead when he crossed the line.The latest buzzword on Weibo is “You can breathe after watching the Winter Olympics.”Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the first gold medal of the Winter Olympic Games. Let’s remember the names of Fan Kexin, Wu Dajing, Qu Chunyu and Ren Ziwei, and don’t fall behind Zhang Yuting who also made great contribution in the promotion process. Finally, five people stood on the highest podium, and the mixed relay was a collective victory.I heard that the most direct reaction of the Korean audience after the game was “the ice is not smooth”. Well, to use a Cantonese classic saying can be described, over to you _______________.The last Easter egg is that image, which I can’t put up for copyright reasons, but you can search it.All four are Korean, but they coach the Chinese and South Korean teams.

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