World of Warships new cruiser walkthrough, this ship is underrated

With each update, World of Warships attracts more and more new players.Now the game picture quality has achieved the top level, let the player experience the feeling of carefree combat.Growing arsenals and interesting gameplay are the core attractions.In the 0.11.0 version, which will be released today, new players will be able to earn a limited amount of double gold, as well as hire super battleships and a more aggressive C-class cruiser.World of Warships is a classic game, and many new players are anxious to catch up with the old players in a short time because they have just discovered the treasure game.In fact, there is no need to worry, as long as you master the combat strategy and participate in several rounds of practical operations, the speed of upgrade naturally faster.World of Warships is divided into destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. The most popular of these are cruisers and battleships, which have great advantages and can be completely compensated for by advanced operations, which is why players love them.So new players who want to quickly improve their experience can choose between these two types of battles carefully.The cruiser has a wide range of applications, but it’s not thick enough.Destroyers can do a lot of damage and have a lot of health, but they have the disadvantage of taking a long time between attacks.One of the class VIII cruisers, the S-class VIII cruiser Pietro, has an excellent gun and is as good as any IX cruiser. Its main gun AP damage is even higher than some IX cruisers and it can fly faster.In addition to the advantage of high damage, it can reach a maximum range of 18.5km, if the enemy warship within 15 to 18 km, it is very accurate, and 18 km distance, the flight time is about 10 seconds.To hear such a strong offensive, I believe that many players are enchanted.However, it is not without drawbacks. The torpedo is weak and can do very little damage to enemy ships, with a maximum damage value of 14,400.It has a defensive advantage over the Dero’s armor, and is comparable to the IX cruiser Dimitri in this respect.The core area is 40mm thick and the mid-deck is 27mm thick. Unlike other warships, the bow and stern are relatively thin at 25mm thick.Therefore, when facing an attack, you can not use the bow to resist like other warships.If you want to do a good job, you must first improve your weapons. If you want to win a battle, you should first compare the performance of the warship in all aspects, and then combine the strategy to see if you can control it perfectly.Of course, in order to succeed in a competitive multiplayer game like World of Warships, it’s important to choose the right companion and skill bonuses.Players can earn rewards by participating in various official online events, some of which are rare, some of which are memorable, and it’s a great way for new players to quickly level up.Players can now participate in the “New Year’s Koi” event by participating through the event page on the official website until January 31 to receive a blessing package and a chance to win a koi draw.If that’s not enough, you can also take part in the “Year of the Beast” event, which runs from January 28 to February 1 and rewards players with gold coins, economic flags and a class IX cruiser with the sea.With the release of version 0.11.0, there are many other missions to follow, which players can participate in through the official website.

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