Russell Westbrook has been named to the NBA all-star three-point contest

The NBA today announced the roster for the All-Star three-point contest, and laker Russell Westbrook was included.Also competing in the three-point contest are The Bulls’ Zakravin, the Grizzlies’ Bain, the Warriors’ Thompson, the SUNS ‘Devin Booker, the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown and the Nets’ Mills.This will be the first time Westbrook has participated in the all-star three-point contest. Westbrook made 30.5 percent of his 3-point attempts, ranking 146th in the NBA.By contrast, Westbrook is competing with some of the league’s best shooters, especially Klay Thompson, who once won the three-point title.In contrast, Westbrook’s teammate Monk, who is shooting 40.6 percent from 3-point range this season, expressed his regret and said he would like to participate in the 3-point contest one day.Some netizens said westbrook was too confident about himself, but his participation might add to the comedy of the game, which could be the worst in NBA history.Are you looking forward to westbrook’s 3-point contest?Leave a comment in the comments section.

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