6-3!6-4!Snooker born 2 seats in the final 8, 2 Wilson all lost, China double star debut!

The 2022 Snooker Players Championship has finished its first two matches this morning with two final eight seats.World champions Mark Williams and Robertson refused to be outdone, beating Gary Wilson 6-3 and Karen Wilson 6-4 to make a sensational start.Chinese duo Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao will appear together at 21pm tonight, which is worth looking forward to.The players championship is a major tournament in snooker, and only players who finish in the TOP16 in a season qualify.World No. 1 Selby and Grand Slam winner Murphy all missed out, while Only Chinese players zhao Xintong, winner of the British Championship and German Masters, and Yan Bingtao, who has reached one final and two semifinals this season, made the cut.Opening day 2 matches, Mark – Williams vs Gary Wilson.This season’s British Open final, Uncle Ma beat taxi driver 6-4 to win the title, enemies meet especially jealous.Gary Wilson opened the game with a 2-0 lead with a 2-0 score, and Kim quickly adjusted to also lose two cities in a row, the first four games were tied at 2.Gary Wilson won 76-18 in the fifth set to take a 3-2 lead, but then lost four games in a row. Although He could not play a single shot winner, He always won in the chaos with his old experience and excellent accuracy, and eventually won 6-3 to reach the last eight.New Masters champion Robertson was locked in a close match with Karen Wilson, who scored 114 and 60 points in the first four frames to take a 3-1 lead before Johnson won two frames in a row to level the score at 3.Then 2 people launched the battle, radish the 7th bureau single pole 94 points to win, 囧 elder brother in the 8th bureau out of this tournament’s highest single pole 141 points also with color.After 4-all Robertson powered on, hitting a single shot to break 100 5-4 to lead, and cashing match point for a 6-4 victory in the 10th game.At this point, two Wilson all lost out of the 8, tonight at 21 o ‘clock Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao will appear, respectively against Hawkins and Gilbert, if both win will be in the quarterfinals of China Derby, come on.

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