Changde City Property rights Office: Spring Festival to send warm love reunion dinner

Have dinner together on New Year’s Eve.Massachusetts moment changde Jan. 27 – (correspondent Li hui) red couplets on the Spring Festival, hot meals, and sound blessing, on January 25, 2022 morning, chang DE city property in branch secretary comrade Huang Yiwen led 16 volunteers to baishi willow lake community Feng Jiahui children at home, with her New Year’s day, with a reunion dinner.”Thank you uncle aunt to see me, accompany us to eat the reunion dinner, I am so happy today” Feng Jiahui family beaming.Although it was raining outside that day, the house was warm and warm. The volunteers of the city property rights Office spontaneously brought their own ingredients to cook meals by hand, and pasted Spring Festival couplets and other forms, so that Feng Jiahui’s family felt the thick Flavor of the New Year in advance.”Jiahui’s mother ran away from home when she was three years old, and her grandmother was old and sick. I suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and lumbar disc herniation. Due to my low level of education, I could only make a living by doing odd jobs.Speaking of the poor days, Jiahui’s father was filled with emotion.A few years ago, jia hui a learned from poverty due to illness was incorporated into document tent card poor, and now they are different from before, with a smile, “in recent years, the party and the government are particularly concerned about us, off the poor, the city property in leadership is often come to see us, help us to solve the difficulties, this year also brought the rice, noodles, oil, also brought the children down jacket and books,Thank you so much for the warmth of the Party and the care of the society by specially bringing food to my home for the reunion dinner.”It is understood that the municipal Property rights Office has been committed to volunteer services and love to help, to help the poor and help students, to send warm footprints all over wuling District, Dingcheng District, Liuye Lake and other places.Statistics show that in the past three years, we have carried out 36 micro-wish activities, organized more than 40 volunteer activities, helped more than 70 people, and invested about 50,000 yuan.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the municipal Property rights Office carried out activities of “having family reunion dinner and New Year’s Eve together” in various forms, such as sending daily necessities to poor students, carrying out policy publicity and having a family reunion dinner.The relevant person in charge of the department said, will always adhere to seriously implement the party’s 19 all previous session, the 12th congress of CPC committee and the municipal committee of the eighth party congress spirit, boost overall development of the new era civilization practice center construction, better play to the volunteer service to improve people’s livelihood, condensed and important role, to create a good social atmosphere of harmony, unity, contribution to civilization property.

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