China football glory and disgrace war by the opponent contempt!Saudi coach interview 9 words put tough words, Li Xiaopeng tough response

At present, the Chinese national football team has left for west Asia to prepare for the last two World Cup qualifiers.For The Chinese team, after the previous loss to Vietnam, the reputation of the Chinese national football team has become quite bad, so the two games although not to enter the World Cup ticket, but the Chinese team must achieve good results, to win the recognition of the fans.Otherwise if in these two games continue to defeat, The Chinese national football team back home basically can not raise its head.From the current point of view, the Chinese national football team to these two games seem to be very important.A number of international players at home, including abroad, are very serious in the training, looking forward to the two games, a beautiful turnaround battle.Including Xu Xin interview also said that everyone is holding a breath in the heart, want to prove themselves.But for now, Saudi Arabia doesn’t seem to take us seriously against China.Because now Japan and Saudi Arabia are competing for the top spot in the group, although they have officially received the World Cup ticket, but for the first group, each is still fighting.For Saudi Arabia, ranking is also very important, so this time they will have to beat China soundly to get first place.In his pre-match interview, the Saudi coach made it clear that even Japan could have done well this time, but the Saudis had nothing to worry about.Against The Chinese team he used 9 words to put malicious words, is “believe we can beat China”.These words can be seen that Saudi Arabia their side of their own strength is very confident, even if the Chinese team may give it a go, but he still believes his players, can beat the Chinese team with a relatively large advantage, with the first result formally entered the World Cup.So for the moment, for Saudi Arabia, they are strong themselves, and maybe this time they don’t think much of The Chinese team, they are completely confident that they can beat the Chinese team.In the Saudi coach to see the confidence of the situation, China team side in the end how to respond?In the latest pre-match press conference, China’s coach Li Xiaopeng also carried out a domineerly response.He said, this time nothing to win or lose, although The Chinese team has been determined to miss the World Cup, but the Chinese team these two games, is to fight for the honor of the motherland.He called on those players, asked those players to have a good performance in the next game, have a chance to fight back.What’s more, Li Xiaopeng especially emphasized that these ideas he repeatedly emphasized with these players in the training camp. He hoped that everyone would not only strive for themselves, for the honor of the motherland, but also strive for breath, and strive to impress people in these two games.You can see that the Chinese national football team is holding its breath to prove themselves.Especially this time, the Saudi coach felt that the situation can absolutely beat China, the National football team can not lose to others, can not let others look down on.So the next look forward to led by Li Xiaopeng Chinese team, can show the spirit of the Chinese team, hope to let the opponent taste a lesson.Even if it can not beat the opponent, but can take advantage of the opponent, can show the spirit of the Chinese national football team?This is something that many fans value.As long as they can show their good performance, I believe that even if they can not win two games in a row this time, the fans will not blame the Chinese national football team.I hope they really want to fight and cheer.

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