Dynamic | at the grass-roots level through open: deep area development zone hospital to carry out the familiar with exercise

On February 7th, the Zangmyilu fire rescue station went into the hospital of the development zone under its jurisdiction to carry out the fire rescue “six familiar” actual combat exercise.Before the drill, under the leadership of the person in charge of the unit, the fire rescue personnel are familiar with the building structure, fire fighting facilities, evacuation channels, road traffic and other key parts of the unit, and focus on the indoor fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, integrity and effectiveness of the inspection.Then, organize fire fighting and rescue work practice, the disaster set: the hospital floor pharmacy caused by short circuit on fire, the fire inside the room, no personnel are trapped, corridor pour out a large amount of smoke, the unit immediately start emergency plans, cut off power supply, to evacuate, call 119 report to the police for help at the same time, the unit of fire tiny station synchronization for self.After receiving the alarm, the Zangmi Road fire rescue station immediately dispatched 2 cars and 14 people to the scene for disposal.After the rescue force arrived, the commander quickly issued fire fighting and rescue tasks according to the situation on the scene: the establishment of disaster investigation group, warning group, fire fighting group, smoke exhaust group, communication support group five rescue action groups, the investigation group is responsible for the unit under the leadership of the miniature fire station to carry out fire investigation, the fire site investigation;The smoke exhaust group is responsible for setting up smoke exhaust machines in the vents on the first floor to prevent smoke diffusion and increase the difficulty of evacuation and fire fighting.The warning group is responsible for setting up safety officers to evacuate the surrounding masses and avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents;The fire fighting group shall be responsible for the use of fire fighting vehicles to lay hose lines to quickly control and eliminate the fire on the spot.The communication support group is responsible for on-site communication support and information collection.After the clear division of labor, the rescue teams closely cooperate and act quickly. After 15 minutes of intense rescue, the fire on the scene was successfully extinguished.So far the actual combat exercise achieved a complete success.After the drill, the commander summarized the problems existing in the drill and proposed rectification measures.Through this familiar drill, the ability of fire rescue personnel to deal with hospital fire and emergency accidents has been further improved, and a solid foundation has been laid for ensuring the fire safety of key units under the jurisdiction.Yang Xiujun zhao Jiexun Editor: Ci Lin 琸 Ma Xiaorong Review: Min Xiaorong

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