Wash your clothes clean with baking soda (wash them in hot or cold water)

Baking soda with what clean clothes washing powder, laundry detergent and other detergents.If you want baking soda to work best, mix it with washing powder, liquid detergent, etc. This will not only enhance the effect of the detergent and brighten the color of the clothes, but also soften the water and prevent the texture of the clothes from becoming stiff.It should be noted that because baking soda can enhance the effect of detergent, so when used together, you can also use less detergent.Baking soda laundry hot or cold soaking It in hot water is recommended.The solubility of baking soda in cold water is relatively small, generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the greater the solubility, the better the effect can play, can play the role of removing mildew smell, smoke smell, sweat smell and other odor.And hot water can also play a certain role in killing the mites on the clothes, so it is recommended to soak in hot water when washing clothes, and then clean them in accordance with the standard laundry procedures.Does baking soda wash clothes? It washes clothes.Baking soda is mild and does not fade clothes, so it can be used to clean clothes. Moreover, because baking soda is alkaline, it can react with acidic substances, so it can also clean acidic stains on clothes.In addition, baking soda has a strong adsorption effect and can absorb odors, so washing your clothes with baking soda will also help remove odors.Baking soda How to clean your washing machine Ingredient: Baking soda.How to do it: Make about 60 grams of baking soda, dissolve it in water, fill the washing machine with water, add baking soda water, turn the washing machine on for about five minutes, turn it off, and leave it for two hours.

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