Inner Mongolia Erdos Chamber of Commerce visits frontline epidemic prevention workers

To help win the battle against the epidemic and send warmth to the frontline epidemic prevention workers.On February 18, Inner Mongolia Erdos Chamber of Commerce visited the staff of more than 10 nucleic acid testing sites such as Haidong Road sub-district office, Jinxiu Garden Phase II, Ruyi District, Shuian community and oil pump and fuel nob factory community, and sent them 1645 pieces of warm goods (bags) and food and nutrition packages worth 24,645 yuan.The Spring Festival is still hot, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic to the heart of the capital once again clenched up!Medical staff and volunteers in the sudden change of snow and ice weather in the sky flying snow, day and night, in the biting wind hard work, with their own flesh and blood to protect the health of the community people!After the outbreak of the epidemic, Inner Mongolia Ordos Chamber of Commerce actively responded to the call of Hohhot Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, Hohhot CPPCC, Hohhot Federation of Industry and Commerce. Zhao Wansheng, executive President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Xue Haiming, executive vice President and secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce, responded immediately and made work arrangements when the city carried out testing on The 17th!All the preparations have been put in place before 7am on the 18th.On the morning of The 18th, more than 600 frontline anti-epidemic fighters wore warm protective equipment sent by the Chamber of Commerce.At noon and at night, we ate hot meals on time!The epidemic merciless people love, Inner Mongolia Ordos Chamber of Commerce to humble efforts to struggle in the front line of medical workers and volunteers salute!The Chamber of Commerce will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, actively respond to the call of leaders at all levels, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic as a social group!Special thanks to the member of Inner Mongolia Erdos Chamber of Commerce, Inner Mongolia Leting Smart Old-age Service Co., LTD., general manager zhang Yanping and her volunteers for their strong support to this activity!

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