Residential supporting volume, Jiangning pure new plate intention customers value these

April is coming, jiangning a batch of pure new dish to be listed also ready to start.Among them, located in the Upper Qinhuai plate zijing four seasons is expected to open in April.According to the real estate consultant, the project is expected to open building 1#, 3#, a total of 144 houses, the building area of about 102 square meters, 125 square meters.Zijing four seasons located in the upper Qinhuai plate, Shuanglong Avenue and Qinxian Road intersection.I communicated with the real estate consultant that the intended customer group of the project is mainly located in Jiangning, mainly distributed in Baijia Lake, Jiulong Lake, Upper Qinhuai, Science Park, Dongshan, Fangshan, general Avenue and so on.Due to the epidemic situation and other reasons, there is no statistical data of storage customers, but for customers’ concerns, the consultant made some introduction: customers pay more attention to the price, subway, model room, overhead floor pan-club.(1) Price: pre-estimate for blank 32,000 /㎡+ decoration package, basic decoration package price is about 2000 yuan /㎡, but the upgrade package has not been determined.Before the upgrade decoration package 2500 yuan /㎡, 2000 yuan /㎡ news, the price of 36,000-36,500 yuan /㎡;However, when I consulted the property consultant again today, I got the reply that the price of the upgrade package has not been determined for the time being, but the reference surrounding house price is about 37,000 /㎡.② Subway: The third phase of subway Line 3 (south extension line) is under construction, and two more stations will be added: “Hefeng Road Station” and “Moling Street Station”. Among them, “Hefeng Road Station” is closer to Zijing Shiji, which will also facilitate the travel of residents in the area.(3) Apartment type and model room: The area of zijing four-season apartment is 102-142 square meters, which is mainly improved.The model rooms of the project have been opened, and some of the details of the house are also the focus of buyers.④ Overhead pan-club: building 10#, 15#, 19# are built with overhead pan-club, which includes coffee bar, gym, 4:30 school, private banquet hall, etc., with sports, nursing, parent-child, social and other functions.There is not only a pan-club on the overhead floor, but also a water system landscape inside the community, an open-air swimming pool, a sunny lawn of about 800㎡, and a plant landscape with four seasons as the theme.Intention customers said that the interior of the community supporting in the section and even look at Jiangning feel good, and the purple Beijing four seasons is currently the only one in Qinhuai with a club project, will pay attention to the first.In addition, last year closed jinyu Zijing yunzhu yu Heat in particular, according to property consultants, there are also some buyers because yunzhu several times the opening of the hot, so the product of jinyu more identification, but also the purple Beijing four seasons love me love my dog.There are also some early did not grab the purple Beijing cloud building, see developers in the Upper Qinhuai side of the new house, comprehensive look down to feel good quality, so also early contact property consultants.· Sandpan 2 Zijing Four Seasons is the original JINyu G88 plot, which was sold in the centralized land supply in September last year. The bidding reached the top and was finally won by Jinyu through lottery, with a total transaction price of 2.81 billion yuan, the floor price of 20,298 yuan /㎡ and the highest blank limit price of 32,000 yuan /㎡.The project plans 19 17F-18F high-rise residential buildings and related supporting facilities (17# is talent room), covering an area of about 69,217 square meters, with a total construction area of about 196,131 square meters. The project plot ratio is less than 2.0, and the total number of households is 1,171.At present, the sales office and model rooms of Zijing Four Seasons are located in the original sales office of Jinyu Zijing Yunzhu (The second phase of Jinyu Zijing Yunzhu was sold out in November last year, and the project has been closed).Zijing Four Seasons reception Center location: Jiangning District, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province shuanglong Avenue and integrity Avenue intersection zijing four seasons housing has built about 102 square meters, 125 square meters, 142 square meters three, has opened 102 square meters and 125 square meters model room.The construction area is about 102 square meters, with three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms.The house is a typical dynamic separation layout, horizontal hall design + about 1.8 meters deep balcony, sense of space and lighting are good.Master bedroom is suite design, bathroom is dry wet separation, shower.② The construction area is about 125 square meters, with three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms.This apartment has u-shaped kitchen, integrated design of guest, dining and kitchen + south balcony, the overall space for daily activities is quite sufficient.The master bedroom is located in the innermost side of the whole apartment, which is more private.What it uses also is the design of flatlet, wardrobe can make space space between toilet and bedroom.③ The building area is about 142 square meters, with four bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms (no sample room has been set for this apartment).At present qinhuai in the sale of real estate there are two: Fangyuan and Rongxin Qin Shang Qi Ting.In fact, after comparison, we will find: (1) house type: the plate new house starting house type is more than 100 square meters, the product is more improved, in addition to fangyuan have stacked villa products, in fact, the overall product category difference is not very big.(2) as for the price, Purple Beijing four seasons of 37,000 / square meters, but as we all know, the wind price is generally the psychological expectation threshold of buyers, the actual sales allowable price will certainly be cheaper than the wind price.Therefore, there is no gap in price.It goes without saying that the three buildings are close to each other, so there is no difference between them.(Subway Line 3 and Fenglu station (under construction), planned land for primary and secondary schools and Jiangning Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, as well as industrial advantages in Upper Qinhuai.)So a comparison down, we found that to pull apart the difference, but also look at the project itself!Fangyuan has villas, while Zijing four Seasons attracts house buyers with its rich community supporting facilities. Whether it is an open-air swimming pool or a club, it is a rare resource in the regional new houses.As a house buyer said: in the Upper Qinhuai house, value plate potential is on the one hand, want to improve is also an important reason.Therefore, at least for the guest group that holds such an idea, the competitiveness of purple Beijing four seasons is still very strong.Not only the purple Beijing four seasons, Jiangning pure new dish such as The Mid Sea view shanyue, Dahua brocade future, Hua Yu Linhu Yashe Yashe is also expected to be opened in the near future.April is coming, looking forward to these pure new dish can let low-key jiangning property market lively!

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