To send gifts to the heart of the other party, pay attention to the following three points, do not send wrong

A lot of people in love, always reluctant to pay, reluctant to buy anything for each other, as if all the investment is unnecessary.In fact, gift-giving is also a testament to the affection of both parties. No matter the size of the gift, when you give it, someone will remember that you cherish it.If there is always a fear of giving, the fear of their investment to the other party, then all the calculations will go down the drain.The gift is light and the affection is heavy. We often remember to give gifts to superiors and those who are in favor of us, but we are not willing to give to the closest people. This is actually very selfish and utilitarian.1, intentional gifts, is the witness of the emotions of both sides remember some time ago a boy gave a girl’s gift fire, not to send more expensive, but he did not go to the heart.What he gave to his girlfriend was the clothes he had worn. What his girlfriend wanted, he always said he could not afford it and put it off.However, when he wants something, he always explicitly hints to his girlfriend to buy it for him, and she saves all her money to buy designer shoes for the boy.Contrast two people pay, in fact, we can obviously see that two people pay, is not proportional.So, when they take videos of each other’s gifts and post them online, many people think that the boys are too stingy and don’t care what the girls think.Gift is sent, but send not to go to the heart, so send not deep feeling, but indifferent.On the other hand, the woman’s long-term efforts were taken for granted, and the carefully prepared gift, which was actually the meal money saved by herself, was completely forgotten by netizens.What netizens were critical of was not what the boy had given him, but that he was careless and demanding.A gift of heart is a witness to the affection of both parties.If pay attention to everywhere, each other can feel the temperature of each other, if do not want to go to the heart, the last is the person to go to the tea cool, hurt the heart of the person who prepared carefully.Sometimes, I receive a surprise from a distant friend, and I often return the gift.For example, I recently bought a beautiful scarf, hat, and gloves as a warm winter gift for myself, and I wanted to buy one for my best friend.As a surprise gift, I gave it to her, she was moved, wrapped it in the cold winter, always think of my warmth.Zhi Ai is a very sweet girl, she will knit a scarf for her boyfriend, it takes a long time to knit a scarf, but she is always very patient, little by little, just for her boyfriend to wear it, think of her.The boyfriend was touched by the scarf woven by Love himself. He knew that his girlfriend liked the gift of fabric very much. Although he could not knit himself, he went to the seller to help weave tulip flowers and finally sent them to Love.I give you gifts because I remember you and you.So I take warmth to heart and put love in every special gift I give hoping you will think of me and see it and be happy.There must be someone who remembers your love and prepares surprises for you.3, only ask not to pay the feelings, not for a long time some people often say how bitter, they will put their own requirements, directly explain.Then, ask for more, tirelessly hoping for more.But when you ask him what did he do for each other?He can’t say it, because this kind of person, only care about how much others pay for him, but never think about how much they have to pay.However, the energy of the universe will be returned. If a person blindly takes, even if someone sympathizes with him and gives him benefits at the moment, it will make people recognize his nature and choose to flee.To maintain a good relationship, remember to be more than just a taker.A feng recently angry thing, is to know a friend said he wants to get married, to a Feng with money, originally with money is not a big deal, but the friend said a Feng to give 1000 yuan, a Feng because of financial tension, just want to give 500 yuan.But this friend is full of their own, said to Ah Feng if she does not follow so much, do not come to the banquet, otherwise the banquet money will not come back.A Feng finally followed the money, but she did not go to the wedding scene, and later, a Feng also no longer ignore this friend.The man is more a robber than a friend.Feng always give blindly, but the other party always take blindly.When a Feng can not complete her idea, but found that the other party blamed himself.So, sometimes don’t give the other side too much benefit, otherwise it will let the other side inch.If the interests between friends become calculated, this relationship is not worth mentioning, why beg.At the end of the day, The point is that in life, all courtesies are valued for the best.Don’t be someone who just takes or gives. Don’t do things that aren’t worth it.The person who should cherish send more gifts, you do, carefully choose, the other party will feel your temperature.Wish you every read the article, better and better.

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