After a 12-hour battle in the cold night, the quarantine site successfully delivered electricity at dawn

“Air conditioning wiring installation is complete, distribution room wiring installation is complete, you can send electricity!”At 6:48 am on January 15, Huang Wentao, chief engineer of Linzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid, gave the order to send power, and more than 80 power employees fought hard for 12 hours in the cold night, finally successfully completed the transformation of power supply to the temporary isolation point of The epidemic prevention and control in Longan School.At present, Anyang region is facing severe challenges brought by omicron strain.The Anyang municipal government has actively implemented prevention and control measures, quarantining and observing close contacts of confirmed cases to ensure effective protection.In order to effectively alleviate the pressure of centralized isolation work in anyang urban area, Linzhou city set up 3 emergency isolation places, and transferred more than 1,000 people in close contact with Anyang, Linzhou Longan School is one of them.Longan School has 266 isolation observation rooms and 34 protective workrooms in two dormitories.The original dormitory cannot meet the needs of high-power electrical appliances. Due to centralized isolation, it is urgent to transform the original power supply lines and install special air conditioning lines, so as to meet the normal use of air conditioners, electric kettles and other basic household appliances in 300 rooms.At noon on January 14, the Linzhou Power Supply Company of the State Grid received an order that long ‘an School must complete the task of wiring transformation and power transmission that night, to ensure the needs of epidemic prevention and control work.Come at a moment’s call, come can fight, war can win!Linzhou State Grid Power supply Company responded quickly, arrived at the school at 15 PM to survey the scene, formulate the power supply plan, immediately completed in one hour more than 80 construction personnel, six aerial work vehicles assembly and material allocation.Time is tight, the task is heavy, the company temporarily set up the Communist party members commandos, divided into 5 groups at the same time to carry out cable head wiring, main line laying, branch line laying, air switch installation, air conditioning wiring, each group after completing the task of mutual support.Company leaders command the fire line, the construction site is tense and orderly, busy without chaos, for the task to quickly advance time.”When you put on the red vest of a Communist commando, you show your identity to everyone.I will undertake the most difficult task and go to the most dangerous place. I will resolutely carry out my mission.”Lu Mingshun, head of the main line laying group, said.On the roof of a 25-meter-high building, Lu mingsoon leads two workers, using the faint light of helmet headlights to cast tow ropes and lift wires a meter a mila from the ground.They have safety straps attached to them, but in a small space of 10 square meters, they have to put all their weight on their feet to keep their bodies from shaking and their feet from falling apart.When the wire was pulled up, the three of them sat on the ground, gasping for air.The party flag fluttered in the wind on the square in front of the dormitory building, and red figures were busy everywhere.From 19 o ‘clock on January 14 to 7 o ‘clock on January 15, after a full 12 hours of hard fighting, the State Grid Linzhou Power Supply Company laid a total of 4 120 square millimeter main line 1000 meters, 36 35 square millimeter branch 800 meters, 10 square millimeter wire 1000 meters, installed 310 air switches, the test put into operation of an 800 kVA transformer.Eventually, all the air conditioning units in the 300 rooms started up at the same time, and everything worked fine.(Zhang Lancsu Shiyi)

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