Dongjian won the bid of “Privacy Computing Platform Construction Project” of Bank of Beijing

Recently, With its leading privacy computing core technology, data ecology and financial service advantages, Dongjian successfully won the bid for the “Privacy computing Platform construction project” of Bank of Beijing.This cooperation is another important milestone achieved by Insight technology in the financial field, and will further promote data security protection and business effectiveness of the financial industry.Dongjian technology has rich industry knowledge and service experience in the financial field, and has been repeatedly selected by customers and recognized by the industry.Recently has been continuous won the bid for China merchants bank “privacy computing platform connectivity”, China life “privacy” computing platform construction project, large financial institutions, such as vision computing product platform also took the lead through the national financial privacy technology evaluation center (bank card test center) “multiparty secure computing” and “the learning” financial application of double profiling,Its typical case was selected in the report IDC PeerScape: computing exploration and practice for privacy protection in the financial industry, and it has been awarded many honors including KPMG China leading FinTech enterprise, iresearch-fintech excellence, TOP30 banking technology service providers of 2021, and FinTech most influential company of the year.Founded in 1996, The Bank of Beijing has more than 670 branches around the world, and has explored the classic model of innovation and development of small and medium-sized banks.In the new era, bank of Beijing will closely focus on the three tasks of “serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and deepening financial reform”, strengthen the guidance of Party building, operate in accordance with the law and regulations, accelerate digital transformation and upgrading, strengthen all-round risk control, and firmly promote the high-quality development of all businesses of the bank.By the end of March 2021, all operating indexes of Bank of Beijing have reached the advanced level of the international banking industry, its brand value has reached 59.7 billion yuan, and its tier 1 capital ranks 62nd among the 1000 largest banks in the world, ranking among the top 100 global banks for seven consecutive years.It has won the titles of National Civilized Unit, Asia’s Top ten Best Listed Bank, China’s Best Urban Commercial Retail Bank, Best Regional Bank, best Internet Banking Bank and so on.▎ Dongzhi is a leading privacy computing service provider in China, which is incubated by Zhongxin, the largest credit management group, and invested by CETC, the national team of cyberspace. Dongzhi is committed to the secure release of data value and compliance application of data intelligence with privacy computing technology.The founding team of the company is the promoter and leader of China’s big data credit investigation and intelligent risk control industry. The core members come from Zhongxin, large banks, insurance companies and artificial intelligence enterprises, with rich industry knowledge and service experience.Based on its accumulated advantages in core technologies, data ecology and business insights, InsightOne, an independent platform developed by the company, has implemented a large number of privacy computing cooperation cases in government affairs, finance and other fields, enabling the secure and open circulation of data elements and improving business effects in specific scenarios.

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