Two men and women with different families fall in love, what should we do

Answer a friend to ask;My brother Pride is here to help you out.The love between a man and a woman, is the attention and blessing of family and friends, so that the affection can be successful, have a happy ending.There is one thing you can infer from your question.You get to know her at work or somewhere else, and you go from being on guard against each other to talking to each other, and then eventually you don’t see each other for a day, like three years, and your friendship slowly evolves into a different kind of emotion, which develops into a lover.You’re each in your own home with the wife you once loved while the husband thinks about someone else.Now I can assure you that if you two do get together, you will find that the person you love now will become the person you used to be, and you will get bored and start looking for true love.Close together, day and night, noisy can witness character.Daring to love is just an excuse and excuse for some shameless people to advertise themselves as Bohemian.All right, that’s it. Let’s do it!Good luck.

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