Why are township civil servants said to be a pit but no one resigned

Recently two provinces have been released provincial examination announcement (Liaoning, Jilin) post table looks a lot, the actual can not how many provincial unit requirements are high, the city unit requirements are also many, non-graduating students and then booth on a cold professional, to the last basic can only choose low threshold, not limited to the three towns of professional household registration is not limited.All say civil servants three do not test “grassroots different places and towns”, a lot of people in the face of the selection of post always subconscious feel that the town is not good, but in fact the town post and no one thought so bad!And the situation is also very different from region to region, can not be generalized.And most important of all, for most people, they were happy enough to get ashore at all!Which also tube is not a town!Next tiger from the township civil servant exam content, work situation, treatment, development and other aspects, to give you an objective analysis ~ one, test content test content is basically no difference (some provinces, such as Jilin, city straight provincial straight is grade A, other grade B) but from the provincial examination in recent years,Some of the papers appeared non towns and villages and towns and villages and towns.Township volume is mainly around the three rural, rural revitalization, agricultural economy and other main work of the township to proposition, and the selection of material scope of the township volume is broader, so relatively speaking, the review direction of the township class examination paper is more clear than that of the township volume.Second, welfare benefits because most of the township civil servants are located in remote areas, local financial pressure is relatively small subsidies, resulting in relatively low salaries of township civil servants, but with the county level civil servants in the same area is not much worse.In terms of salary, compared with urban civil servants, some township civil servants located in remote areas will receive subsidies in remote areas, so the salary of township civil servants in some areas will be slightly higher than that of county-level civil servants in the same area.For example, heilongjiang Province in a remote area forestry bureau wages, not lower than the provincial capital too much.Three, living conditions, most people impression of villages and towns of civil servants is the working environment is very difficult, because the town is located far from cities, the economy is relatively backward, the traffic is not very convenient, working and living conditions than the county and large and medium-sized cities, basic no entertainment consumer place, amateur life is also not very rich, but not all the villages and towns environment is bad,There are some rural areas close to cities, and this is completely random.And the township is in the end, the source of funds all rely on the superior allocation, the source of income is relatively thin, so the office conditions are relatively worse than county organs.It is true that civil servants in towns and townships work hard because they have a lot to do at the grassroots level. However, they do not have to go in and out rain or shine. They spend most of their time in the office making materials, making phone calls and having meetings.For grass-roots staff is the most close contact with the masses, all the state’s policies and regulations related to the masses, need grass-roots civil servants to implement, so the work of township civil servants is more numerous, need to do a good job of uploading.The so-called “upload” is to feed back the will and demands of the masses, and “release” is to do a good job in the interpretation and implementation of the policies of the superior.The most appropriate word to describe the township civil servants is “above a thousand lines, below a needle”, the staff are basically holding several jobs, may do several work every day, such as poverty alleviation, agriculture, statistics, civil affairs, employment training and other work, need township grass-roots staff coordination to complete.But in fact, the work of non-township civil servants is not easy, although they do not have to go to the countryside, but daily writing materials, do forms, do propaganda…The overtime situation of individual departments is not as easy as the Internet factory.Five, promotion space township units are most of the cause and temporary, leadership but young civil servants are very few, for young people, as long as you endure, or very promising.Now the necessary condition for promoting cadres in many areas is to have two years of grass-roots work experience, so many urban civil servants have been dispatched, while the civil servants growing up in towns do not have such worries and concerns.As the civil servant selection mechanism is becoming more and more sound, in order to give grassroots civil servants more opportunities for promotion, many departments in the selection of grassroots work experience are strict requirements, which also gives township civil servants a green light, a promotion channel.Some people say that the villages and towns is white and black, 996, but this is not the norm, the city civil servants errands or too little, have a busy time, also the leisure time, relative to the county, municipal departments, township civil servants must say not so good, but for a large number of only undergraduate students signed up for the “three no” post, township civil servants, the largest demand for stability can meet them!And in recent years, the difficulty of township post competition has also increased, if you can still be a good choice!

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