Why is the tsunami-like COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong?Expert: There are four main reasons

At a time when the epidemic is still dragging on the hearts of people all over the country, a “tsunami” outbreak has emerged in Hong Kong, with the number of infections increasing rapidly. It is reported that on February 11, the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong exceeded 1,000 in a single day, a new high since the outbreak.As a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong has been basically consistent with the mainland in the prevention and control policies since the outbreak of the epidemic, but has achieved completely different results.As you can see, the mainland has achieved remarkable results, while Hong Kong has consistently lagged behind.This is the fifth new coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong since the emergence of the Novel Coronavirus. Why is there a tsunami in Hong Kong this time?Experts from internal causes, external causes, environment, virus and other aspects of analysis, believe that there are mainly the following four reasons.1. Hong Kong’s International Status Hong Kong has always been a centre of international finance and import and export trade, with close exchanges of both people and goods with foreign countries.At a time when the global coronavirus pandemic remains severe, this provides an opportunity for novel coronavirus to enter Hong Kong from abroad, and the reported source of the current outbreak in Hong Kong is likely to be hamster imports.China still occasionally has loopholes, and it is difficult and almost impossible to plug them completely by relying only on Hong Kong’s own epidemic prevention personnel.The transmission capacity of the omicron super mutant strain has become well known during this time, and it is more likely to spread if the population is crowded.As we all know, The high housing price in Hong Kong is one of the highest in the world, which leads to a very small per capita housing area. As a result, people cannot have a Party at home. If they want to have a Party or dinner Party, they can only go out to public space.As a result, initiatives to stay indoors during the pandemic are often difficult to implement.Filipino maids working in Hong Kong have been in the habit of gathering with their fellow villagers for years, and it is difficult to strictly enforce the no-gathering rules even during the pandemic.In addition, Hong Kong has a relatively high degree of aging, and the small housing area also leads to a greater need for the elderly to go out. Meanwhile, the elderly have a very low ability to carry out protective measures such as vaccination and wearing masks, which can be said to be one of the important reasons for the spread of the epidemic.In short, Hong Kong has a lot of small people and a large population density. Once Omicron landed in Hong Kong, it would be very easy for it to spread in a short time.Of course, the above two factors are only objective environmental factors, but they are not the main factors. The main factors still lie in the problems of Hong Kong itself.Many Hong Kong people under the influence of western culture, to say the western culture is deeply rooted in their bones, and liberal democracy of western culture, so the treatment will be introduced on coronavirus is coexist with virus, there were quite a number of people in Hong Kong in lax, and even does not perform the government initiative of prevention and control measures.In addition, although the Hong Kong government has kept pace with the mainland in its prevention and control policies, it is difficult to implement them in place. For example, large-scale nucleic acid testing and epidemiological investigations have always been resisted by some people. As a result, Hong Kong has not realized the dynamic elimination of COVID-19 for a long time.This is also the most important factor. It has been more than a year since the launch of the novel coronavirus vaccine, and the Mainland has already carried out the third booster vaccination, but to this day, improving the vaccination rate is still the top priority of the Hong Kong government.According to the chairman of Hong Kong’s Scientific Committee on Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, only 34 percent of Hong Kong’s people over 80 receive their first vaccination.Although vaccination rates for other age groups are not published, it is conceivable that they will not reach 100%.In general, there are many factors contributing to the tsunami-like outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong. If we want to defeat the epidemic, what we need most is to unite as one to overcome the difficulties like the mainland. Otherwise, no matter how hard the government makes efforts, we will end up with only half the effort.I hope that with the support of the mainland, Hong Kong can control this wave of epidemic as soon as possible and go through the cold winter. I hope that we can welcome the spring without epidemic together!The Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office responded to the outbreak # # Hong Kong

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