Buy a house do not buy this balcony convex house, free square also do not want, smart people know

Buy a house do not buy this balcony convex house, white send square also do not want, smart people know, we are buying a house sometimes meet the partial house of a building, the balcony is convex, you ask sales young lady, she will say this is a kind of design style, what want is this pattern.And price of this kind of balcony is cheaper, a lot of it is the price that pays half can be bought, she can explain saying is because did not occupy an area, so ability is relatively cheaper a few, you listen to seem to also be very reasonable, held fast to buy, like oneself picked up a big cheap.To tell you the truth, you didn’t take advantage of it; on the contrary, you got badly out of it.Do you know why some property developers sell projection balconies for half the price?Is it really like the sales lady said because there is no area, so sell out at a relatively low price?”No rape is not business” this sentence we must have heard of it, so how can there be real estate commercial use of the same price of raw materials made out of the balcony to sell at a low price, this is actually another reason.The bearing force of this kind of balcony is bad commonly, basically be transformed come, can use clothes of air air only basically, do not have what other use, and normal balcony we still can build rise the one part that serves as a bedroom or use as other respect but this can be wasted in vain, you say is not to be lost.Balcony is generally divided into two kinds of concave convex terrace and balcony, in general the concave of the balcony below there will be a wall support, looks is more strong, and protruding from the exterior balcony can see that there is no any support, even if building strong again, after decades also must carry not to live, so if you have purchased the head of the household of the balcony, I persuaded,Don’t put anything too heavy on it, or the consequences will be disastrous.Also is considering buying a house, can it is important to note that must buy concave of the balcony door, even if spend a little money now, later use rest assured and we also need to consider is that the convex balcony, is not actually holds the actual land area, but he was at the time of calculation, to calculate the actual area of the building,Then on the basis of the corresponding discount, concave balcony is holds the actual land area, so it would actually we part is less than the concave of the balcony door area, and the area of no practical use, so think of it, we wouldn’t kui big, you buy a house, but be careful.(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view) (This article is edited by Qi Jia xiaobian, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please inform us to delete!)

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