Seven son said gossip: Zhang Zifeng Ma Si Chun Juan Yi Xu Kai Jing Sweet Wu Jin Yan Shen Yue Xu Zhen Li Xian

Zhang Zifeng and Ma Sichun are talked about in a TV series “Once Upon a Time”.JiKeJuan escape next Xu Kai grazia magazine cover and sweet will play roles in the next scene “le tour the original screenplay is bandit, I think deposit by Xu Kai run to the end of February, Wu Jin speech drama starring” is the food “tentative on February 22nd mango TV live broadcast shen” monthly girl starring walkthrough pick file “DE cloud tile club” in kiwi broadcast platform.Xu Zheng’s new movie “Sunshine new World”, the male actor is currently in talks with Li Xian, female actor has been appointed Liu Haocun, will soon start hunan SATELLITE TV drama “Top Priority” male actor: Yu Hewei.Wang Yibo next issue of “Marie Claire” magazine cover, material has been shot.Theater movie “Fate trading” tentative leading cast: Song Yang, LAN Yingying.Song Weilong and Celine cooperation, materials have been shot.Return to hang tip eye male to their own female artist accommodation standards are with the rich second generation king lick dog in the same community, may be better to provide services?The thing that curved small three son match dog husband and wife two individual pyramid selling has not checked out, already registered a biotechnology company in Shanghai newly with the name of the man again, estimation should continue to hang sheep’s head to sell dog meat again, SAO operation is really much.Isn’t Singapore Mimi dimples male singer who hasn’t come to work in the mainland recently because of previous things?As luck would have it, he was frantically looking for chickens, playing three “like” posts on his friends’ feed for the buck-toothed, cheating girlfriend, and commenting on all kinds of interactions, which seemed like a good relationship.The bombshell star doesn’t actually have large breasts, but every time she wears a dress, she asks her makeup artist to shadow her breasts to create the illusion of large breasts for the cameras.The actress said she was tricked into getting married by her husband. She didn’t want to, but he forced her to marry him, and she felt sorry.Xiao Sheng Cream now began to accept variety shows, and his own investment to its newly signed artists to shoot idol dramas married male singer has maintained a relationship with those friends in the early years, let him help pull the strings and so on will not refuse.Although his film and television exposure rate is not high, the work came up when the publicity, but in fact, there are also filming, and there are some mainstream resources.In addition, there is also the popularity of variety shows. It is estimated that there will be music plans this year. Fans are urging him to hold a concert as soon as he gets married.The Queen has mostly chosen to play it cool on romance and gossip, and rarely has a positive response. Netizens can only question her choice of partner, but not influence her opinion.Now no star will listen to the words of net friends, because some of the negative network spread really choose to break up with their partners, are very persistent.House men and women god although the team configuration is very strong, but she picked up the drama variety no choice, what platform to feed what to eat.

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