Four departments: all kinds of medical institutions should carry out the work of mutual recognition of examination and test results

On February 18, the National Health Commission (NHC) released on its website the rules on mutual recognition of medical institutions’ inspection and test results jointly issued by the NHC, the National Medical Insurance Administration, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Health Bureau under the Logistics and Support Department of the Central Military Commission.The Administrative Measures are divided into 7 chapters and 39 articles, clarifying the requirements for mutual recognition of medical institutions’ inspection and test results from the aspects of organizational management, mutual recognition rules, quality control, support and guarantee, supervision and management, etc.”Management method” to the responsibility of the relevant departments of the division, clearly put forward a medical institution shall, in accordance with the “in order to ensure the quality and safety for the bottom line, on the premise of qualified quality control and to reduce the burden of patients as the guidance, in order to satisfy the demands of diagnosis and treatment, with standard for judging accepts doctor” the principle of mutual recognition of the work to carry out the inspection results.At the same time, it clarified the basic requirements for mutual recognition, put forward specific conditions that can be re-examined, and asked medical staff to strengthen doctor-patient communication. For inspection items that have not been mutually recognized, they should give explanations and fully inform the purpose and necessity of re-examination.Editor: Xing Zhibin

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