The satisfaction of the material world is no longer the pursuit of human beings, the continuous innovation of science and technology is the ultimate dream

Today is the third day of the 2022 Lunar year, and the village is full of luxury cars.On weekdays, retired old men and old women talk about the most is that the family has bought a house in the city.I never feel ashamed and regret for not driving a luxury car home in the Spring Festival to show up for my parents, not buying several apartments in the city to my parents.I quite agree with the opinions discussed by experts and scholars in the creative science academic exchange group: in primary and secondary school learning stage, innovation education independent of the main subject is a false proposition.In the West, the teaching of critical thinking and creativity is included in the main curriculum, and there is no separate curriculum for innovation education.I would like to add that when a bridge or railway is built over the river, there must be an approach road or bridge.When the bridge or railway over the river is completed, the approach road along the bridge or railway goes back to nature, becoming a barren hillside or a calm river, and no one remembers them.As scientists and technologists or explorers of innovative education, we are just like the approach to build a railway or the approach to build a bridge. When innovative education is popularized in primary and secondary schools, we will withdraw from history, end our mission and return to loneliness.However, some laws, theorems, rules or products created in our scientific and technological work or innovative education are just like the cars of our peers in the village driving home after the Spring Festival, and just like the retired old men and women buying a house in the city.However, the car that the village peers drive home during the Spring Festival can only be convenient for one family or their relatives and friends, not more people;The family most talked about by retirees has bought a home in the city that they can use only or store there as an asset.However, our cars and houses are just like the addition and multiplication formula read in primary and secondary school textbooks, and the amount of work is equal to the work efficiency times the working time. Like refrigerators and color TV sets, they are more convenient for more people, even beyond the national boundaries, and are used by people of different colors.A few years later, when the people in the village recall our name, I believe they will say that the experts and scholars (scientists) who come back from our village are the pride of our village.

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