Zhao Shengnan, CPPCC member of Zaoyang City, Hubei province, gave more than 30,000 yuan of money and goods to needy people

Severe winter warmth Non-public offer the love party report from our correspondent (reporter Tang Ji wu, Wang Zetao) “the wind, sleet, and cold weather to resist the sympathy, care in order to make national civilization treasure – nine even block age hunan scenic area is located in hubei province zaoyang shop wu town east Zhao Hu village difficult people have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.On January 26, with the biting wind and snowflakes falling all over the sky, Zhao Shengnan, representative of Mengjie Home Textile Company, a member of the CPPCC committee of Zaoyang City, and his wife and three employees returned to their hometown, East Zhaohu Village, Wudian Town, Zaoyang City, to visit the local people in need.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, Zhao Shengnan, Wang Wei and his wife and a group of 6 people first came to the east Zhaohu village to visit the members of the two village committees, the veteran party members and representatives of the difficult people who stick to their posts. At this time, the snow was fluttering and the wind was biting outside, but the warmth was thick and warm like spring inside.Zhao Shengnan and Wang Wei talked with the poor people in detail, asking them about their family difficulties, income, physical condition, medical security and existing problems, helping them to give them ideas and ideas, and encouraging them to strengthen their confidence and self-improvement.At the same time, they were given daily necessities such as duvets, four-piece sets and umbrellas.Then, braving the cold wind and snow, he drove to Caomenwan to visit Chen Jiahai and his wife, a veteran Party member in their 80s who had a long-term illness and no ability to work.Then he rushed to 3 groups without a break (Zhangjiakwan) condolences on long-term dialysis to maintain life uremia patients Duan Feng;We went to group 5 (Tangjiawan) to visit Geng Xuexiu, who had been in bed for 5 years and had no source of income.Everywhere I went, I had a friendly talk with them and gave them daily necessities such as duvets, four-piece sets, umbrellas and consolation money worth nearly 2,000 yuan each.It is reported that during the visit, a total of various items and cash equivalent to MORE than 30,000 YUAN, the private business owners of the deep love, the warmth of the Party and the government to the needy people home.”Glorious career, non-public enterprises” love, Zhao Shengnan, wang wei, offer the love couple and love the team events as well as in previous years, well received by local cadres, the masses and praise, feel the warmth of the party and the government not only makes difficult people and care, to enhance the courage and confidence to overcome difficulties, but also to the troubled families bring hope and warmth,It also reflects the responsibility and responsibility of an ordinary CPPCC member, as well as the noble mind and moral character of private business owners. They said that this kind of dedication to society will continue in the future.

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