A busy scene in the fields of Lijiang

“The ribbon was in the morning, and the ditch was everywhere.The hard work of the world is the three farmers.If you want a plough of water, you will have a good harvest.”At present, the weather is fine, it is busy spring farming.Ploughing, transplanting, planting seedlings, fertilizing, watering…Farmers are busy preparing for the harvest in fields, valleys and ravines all over Lijiang.Old town: Smoke shoots out new shoots “Look, they are coming out.”In the town of seven river republic village flue-cured tobacco seedling point, temperature control greenhouse in a plate of tobacco seedlings are spitting new buds, people in the seedling plate, check the sprout of tobacco seedlings.With the help of the warm temperature in the greenhouse, these tobacco seedlings can be transplanted in the middle of April.Tai ‘an Township of Yulong County is known as the “hometown of potatoes”.Last year, the township planted about 46,000 mu of seed potato, the main variety of Sweet potato 6.Local villagers rely on planting seeds of potato, household income of more than 100,000 yuan.In the wuzhubi village group in Tai ‘an, many villagers are working in the fields, ditching, fertilizing, planting seeds, or cultivating ridges.Next to the machine – tilled road stood a series of walking tractors loaded with farm tools, seeds, fertiliser and manure.Yongsheng: Farmers are busy sowing grain in Yongsheng, known as “granary of northwest Yunnan” and “land of fish and rice”, which is now pregnant with a New Year’s harvest.The farmers in the rice field are busy harrowing irrigation, sowing seed, fertilizer, medicine, cover film……Sow the seeds and wait a few months before transplanting.The people in the field of seedling work in a hurry, irrigated fields and green bean seedlings interweave, villages, houses, farmland, mountains constitute a beautiful picture of rural spring farming.In the field of hope, people in the rush to catch the season, into the spring ploughing production, played the New Year’s movement.Diligence with the spring, but also to render the color of the farmer’s life.Huaping: Planting hope and ushering in harvest Huaping, beside the Jinsha River, has a typical low-heat valley climate in the south Asian tropics, which makes it “lively” early here.Melon fields, tobacco shed in the busy farmers.In the same season, huaping people both planted hope and ushered in a harvest. Warm and humid temperatures accelerated the ripening of melons and fruits. Now it is time to pick oranges and spring tea.Melon field, fruit farmers are carefully for the watermelon to clean up weeds, sharp branching, pruning vine……Green and tender watermelon seedlings are full of vitality and growing happily.In order to grow green and high-quality watermelons, fruit farmers have increased management investment, using physical control methods, installing sticky fly boards every five meters in the melon field, and using the conditions of sufficient local water resources, installing drip irrigation in the melon field, fully ensuring the water demand of the seedlings.Clusters of late-blooming oranges hung on the branches, and the breeze shook them golden.Fruit farmers are busy picking, transporting fruit, fruit selection, packing, sealing, a busy scene.In the tea garden of Simu Village in Yongxing township, neat rows of tea trees reveal new buds, tea fragrance is full of garden.Tea pickers’ fingers are constantly “flying” among the tea trees, skillfully picking the first buds of the year.Ninglang: Modern farming methods are used for spring ploughing production in Successive days. Agricultural machinery and tools in the fields of Wadu Village, Wenquan Village Committee, Yongning Town, Ninglang County, keep rumbling, and local people take to the fields and start busy spring ploughing production.Many local people have changed the traditional way of farming, renting their land to the Company and working there themselves.After being contracted, a lot of land abandoned due to labor problems has been used again. A series of modern planting methods such as mechanical ploughing, ditching and mechanical planting have also made the farming atmosphere here full.In 2022, the city’s grain production target is 1.92 million mu to plant a grain of millet in spring and harvest 10,000 seeds in autumn.Beautiful spring ploughing, the majority of farmers sow seeds, harvest hope.It is learned that in 2022, the target task of grain production in the city is: the sown area of 1.92 million mu, the output of 510,000 tons.In order to ensure the smooth realization of this target task, it is crucial to do a good job of spring ploughing preparation.Recently, agricultural and rural departments at all levels have done key work: to ensure the supply of agricultural supplies in place.Up to now, 926.32 tons of seeds have been stored in the city, including 40.18 tons of rice seeds and 883.06 tons of corn seeds.14446.9 tons of chemical fertilizer, 245.4 tons of pesticide, 969.7 tons of agricultural film.The supply of agricultural materials is sufficient and the market is relatively stable.We will strengthen oversight of the safety of agricultural supplies and machinery.We will carry out special inspections on the quality and production safety of agricultural materials such as seeds and pesticides and agricultural machinery, carry out activities to detect and distinguish fake agricultural materials and rights protection, prevent and severely crack down on illegal activities such as producing and selling fake and shoddy agricultural materials and driving up market prices through spring ploughing.We will strengthen agricultural science and technology guidance services.Focusing on the promotion of fine varieties and advanced technologies, combining poverty alleviation and the reform and construction of the grass-roots agricultural technology extension system, the monitoring and control of diseases and insect pests should be carried out to guide farmers in scientific and green prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.Strengthen the technical guidance for the maintenance and maintenance of agricultural machinery in spring ploughing production, and increase the promotion and guidance service of agricultural machinery in spring sowing.We will promptly distribute funds to benefit farmers.In 2022, 127.61 million yuan in central subsidies for farmland fertility protection and 16.51 million yuan in central subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery were allocated to counties.Arable land fertility protection subsidies will be timely distributed to farmers who have the right to contract arable land.More than 60 farmers have applied for subsidies for purchasing agricultural machinery through the APP.Part of lei Fengjiao’s content is from Lijiang Daily, Meili Yongsheng, Huaping Perspective, Ninglang News Editor/He Runhuang, and Popular News Hotline /0888 — 5122344 © Statement of Lijiang Radio and Television Station:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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