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Spring flowers, it is a good season for spring outing, northwest is a very good place, everywhere is magical scenery, the endless desert, at a glance, like a pure mirror, people can not help but want to have a look.Qinghai is a famous tourist province, with many famous Internet celebrity scenic spots, such as the “Mirror of the Sky” Chaka Salt Lake, Qinghai Lake, the largest saltwater lake in China, and Qilian, the “Switzerland of the East”, which are famous Internet celebrity scenic spots in Qinghai, accompanied by qinghai cuisine and transportation guide.Qinghai Lake, the largest salt water lake in the inland, is like a sea lake. Bike riding, horse riding, around the lake, bonfire party, sunrise and sunset The water of Qinghai Lake can take on different colors in a clear day. The lake is very wide and beautiful.There is a fish without scales that friends in Qinghai can try and it is also sold in some restaurants near Qinghai Lake.Qinghai Lake is not only beautiful scenery, but also full of rape flowers, the rape flowers here are very short, flowering side by side, so that people who go early, will find the foot is yellow flowers.Qinghai Lake annual bicycle race, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qinghai Lake, enjoy the sunrise, enjoy the sunset bonfire party.Travel notice: Qinghai Lake is located in the plateau. When visiting here, do not run by the lake in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Running on the plateau may easily lead to hypoxia.Recommended time: July-August, 5-star Qinghai Lake. “Blue sea” means “Kukunore” in Mongolian.Qinghai Lake Basin.The fault between Datong and Riyueshan in Qilian Mountains and Nanshan in Qinghai province is a new geological structure.The continental climate of the plateau changes the landscape with four seasons.Jiro Sword Lake south by boat tour;To the west is Bird Island, which can be seen and photographed from April to June every year.In the east of the lake, sandy beach and leisure are the main attractions, including Riyue Mountain, Daotang River and other famous scenic spots, while in the north, There are Gold and Silver Beach and Atomic City.July and August are the best seasons to visit Qinghai Lake, which is full of rape flowers and hosts a bicycle race around the lake every year.Chaka Salt Lake is a natural crystalline salt lake, one of the four major salt lakes in the Qaidam Basin.The sky is blue, the lake is clear, and the air is very good because it is on the plateau.In sunny conditions, the reflection can be seen on the lake so that you can see the blue sky and white clouds, known as the “mirror of the sky”.There is also a railroad on the salt lake, which is the best choice for couples and friends.Travel tip: The best time to visit is when the sun is shining, because like Qinghai Lake, the lake of Chaka Salt Lake also needs to reflect the scenery of the sky and land when the sun is shining.Chaka Salt Lake chaka Salt Lake is a famous natural crystalline salt lake in Qaidam Basin, which is the “mirror in the sky” in China.There are a large number of salt carvings in the scenic area for visitors to appreciate, or take a small train to the depths of the salt lake tour.Visitors can enjoy the lake barefoot, take photos and, if they’re lucky, see the river in daylight.If it rains continuously, the salt in the lake will be diluted, and then it will be exposed to the bottom of the lake, and there will be no way to go down.There are many holes in the salt lake, and these holes are traps, and you’d better not touch them, because that will only make you more dangerous.3. Wanzhang Salt Bridge & AMP;Qarhan Salt Lake, south of Chaka Town in Qinghai Province, is also a natural crystal lake with beautiful scenery.Because people know a lot of tea ka Salt Lake, so many people here to travel, if it is in the most busy time, to visit here, it will not be as crowded as now.Salar Qarhan is not as famous as salar Lake, but it is a very comfortable, rarely visited and peaceful natural scenery.The waves of the lake, like a piece of scale, and like a piece of shell, spotless white.There are many natural salt flowers around the salt lake, these natural salt flowers in various shapes and forms, is the masterpiece of nature.Wanzhang Salt Bridge is located on the Qarhan Salt Lake. This man-made road, built on the salt cap, cost a lot of manpower and material resources, which is impressive, coupled with the scenery on both sides of the bridge, is also beautiful.Travel tips: When crossing the Salt bridge, be careful to slip, drive carefully, and avoid running when playing in the lake. If it is a family tour, take your children with you, and avoid playing in the lake, because on the plateau, oxygen consumption is too large, easy to hypoxia.Qarhan Salt Lake, the largest and most famous salt lake in China, is traversed by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.Entering the factory, the first thing you see is a salt lake museum, which displays the formation and mining of the Qarhan Salt Lake.In the doorway, is a very interesting “salt lake flower” crystal.In the scenic area, there is a salt bridge paved with salt, as hard as ordinary asphalt pavement.If the road is damaged, pour salt water on it and it will be restored.Salt lake on both sides is a piece of white salt crystal, clear water with a light blue.On a good day, the surrounding scenery, sky and white clouds are reflected in the lake, making it a good place to take photos.Salt field tickets, generally with a pass, so, in Golmud when buying a car, it is best to make sure they can go in, otherwise they will be confiscated by security guards “tickets”.4, Tar Temple label: tasting the three unique skills – shortening flowers, piles of embroidery, murals recommended: prayer tube, worship petition, taste Tibetan Buddhist culture Xining, they can take a taxi.There is no admission to the temple, but one must buy a separate ticket to enter.The temple also has some residents, and when you visit it, groups of lamas pass by.In the palace, many bracelets will be found on the stumps of some trees, and they will be placed in the shrine for visitors and devotees to worship on the first visit, and will be removed on the second visit, like the light on the mainland.When you visit Thar Temple, be sure to try the milk in the temple, which is cheap and delicious.Travel tips: In the Buddhist holy land, do not say anything against religion, speak honestly.And the food inside is relatively large, if you don’t like here, you can prepare some food.Ta Er Temple is the gelug School of Six Major Tibetan Buddhism in China, and is also the birthplace of Master Kaba.Ta ‘er Temple, with a history of more than 600 years, is a famous tourist resort in Xining.Temple building grand, countless treasures, incense peak, a strong religious atmosphere.Vivid shortening flowers, colorful murals, colorful embroidery is known as the three great arts of Tar Temple.In addition, there are a large number of Buddhist classics and academic works on history, literature, philosophy, medicine, calendar and so on.Xining Dongguan Mosque is the largest mosque in northwest China. Located in the center of Dongguan Avenue in Xining city, it is the only way to go shopping.Its style is very unique, it is a traditional mosque, can accommodate 40,000 to 60,000 Muslims, is the largest one in the country, here, you can feel the unique charm of Muslims.Travel tips: Visitors should remember that religion is important here and never do anything that is forbidden by Muslims.Hui people are forthright people, so they don’t want to clash with them.6, Qilian Mountain tag: “Oriental Switzerland”, 5 A scenic spot, photography base, beautiful natural landscape recommended: horseback riding, photography.Qilian Mountain is not a simple mountain.Located in the northeast of China’s Qinghai province and gansu province of the border, is an important mountain in China.Qilian Mountain, even in summer, there are snow peaks, so many movies, will choose Qilian Mountain.It is a 5 A tourist resort and is a popular place to visit.It’s best to go in the morning at the start of the rainy season to see the snow on the mountains that hasn’t melted yet.Travel notice: It is cold in Qilian Mountain area, please wear more clothes.On the trip from Xining to Qilian Mountains, there will be anything from shirts to sweaters and even down jackets, so be sure to pack more clothes.7, Menyuan Sea of Flowers The world’s top ten most recommended: flower appreciation, photo, hot air Balloon Menyuan rape is menyuan County, is located in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Every early July, the rape flowers here will bloom, and the southern rape is different, the rape flowers here is from the ground to bloom, a bloom.In this season, you will feel different flowers, in the beginning, you will feel a golden, when your flowers close to you, you will feel a golden, when your petals to your waist, you can travel in flowers, the best thing is to see the flowers, take pictures, can also be in a balloon.Travel instructions: Qinghai area morning and evening temperature difference is large, remember to wear clothes easy to take off, easy to take off at noon, morning and night to wear, recommended travel time: July to September recommended index: 5 stars Qinghai travel recommended 1, two days of qinghai small tour, Qinghai main scenic spots only need two days.The first day is to xining, Ta ‘er Temple, Qinghai Lake, this road is very short, the next day is to go to The Gold and Silver Beach prairie, and then back to Xining.One tour itinerary will not repeat, visited qinghai famous Buddhist holy land Tar Temple, Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, gold and Silver Beach grassland, etc.Recommended routes: Zhangye City, Gansu Province + Qilian Zhuoer Mountain + Qinghai Lake + Ta ‘er Temple three days of Qinggan Small Ring.Bright spot is the most natural colorful Danxia, its surface is colorful, colorful.Talsforchaka salt Lake and Talsforchaka Temple have a strong Buddhist atmosphere.Recommended itinerary: Colorful Danxia + Qinghai Lake + Chaka Salt Lake + Qilian + Ta ‘er Temple four days of Qinggan Small Ring.The big snow mountain between Qinghai Lake and the Qilian Mountains is the highlight of the route.Qinghai Lake and Qilian Mountain will be excavated in depth, which is very suitable for friends who love nature.Recommended itinerary: Qinghai Lake + Chaka Salt Lake + Dunhuang Desert + Yadan + Colorful Danxia This Saturday’s itinerary includes Qinghai and Gansu.The biggest bright spot is Dunhuang and Danxia, Dunhuang culture profound, Mogao Grottoes and crescent spring are very valuable.Yadan devil city, is a natural sand dune, after a long time, has gradually disappeared.Evaluation: 5 stars 5, 7 days suggested travel routes: Qinggan Grand Ring Road self-drive tour + high-speed photography Qinggan High-speed passenger dedicated line.The best thing about this route is that you can rent your own car and let the drivers stop to watch and take pictures of the beauty.Scenery does not only exist in scenic spots, everyone has different scenery in mind.Recommended route: Qinghai Lake + Chaka + Yadan + Dunhuang + Colorful Danxia + Qilian + Menyuan Grand Circle No. 8 Tour, the biggest highlight is the popular natural scenic spots in Qinghai and Gansu provinces.In the whole process, the humanity and nature of northwest China are fully displayed, and the culture and unique geographical environment of northwest China are appreciated.Qinghai food and Transportation 1, special delicacies hand grasping mutton: a meal, a few pieces is not enough, everyone wants one or two catties.Boiled by hand, you don’t need too much seasoning, you just need to dip a little bit, you can taste the real lamb.Qinghai’s old yogurt: Most of qinghai’s yogurt is mainly made of yak acid with high acidity. When eaten, it is sprinkled with a little sugar. After mixing well, it tastes excellent.Niangpi: Niangpi is similar in quantity to Liangpi, which is flavored with vinegar, chili, peanut butter and sesame paste, but with Liangpi, it’s a different story, with a better texture and more chewy texture.Haggis: haggis is a local delicacy, non-local friends do not quite adapt to the proposal to eat fried haggis.Sweet sauce: Sweet sauce is a wine-based food. Cheese has a refreshing, sweet taste. It is usually eaten as a snack and can also be soaked in water.Pasta (flag flower noodles, firecrackers noodles, sheep’s sausage noodles) : Lamb’s sausage noodles are very popular in the area. A bowl of noodles topped with fresh sheep’s sausage is also a local specialty.2, Food street Mojia Street: Mojia Street has a lot of food and snacks, some fruit and grocery stores are more like a market, there are many kinds of goods, you can buy some souvenirs.Shuijing Alley: The Various collections in the Tibetan Culture Museum and Shuijing Street are very popular.Kofu Street: Kofu Street is a place full of food, roast mutton, lamb chops are delicious.3, Qinghai Yushu bus: one yuan, two yuan.Carpooling: Groups of four are best, usually negotiated by the driver.It’s not expensive to take a taxi, just go to The Temple.1. Skin care products that must be carried: sunscreen and moisturizing spray. The weather in northwest China is relatively dry, and ultraviolet rays are relatively strong, so you should carry sunscreen and moisturizing skin care products;Clothes: wear thick clothes in winter, long clothes and trousers in summer, sunglasses, sun hats, sun-protective clothing, and SLR, can take a big picture in some tourist attractions, it is best to take SLR, so as to take a better effect;Medicine: cold medicine, antidiarrheal medicine to carry, iron injury medicine to buy locally, antidiarrheal medicine should also pay attention to, especially gastrointestinal intolerance.2. Respect the customs of ethnic minorities When visiting monasteries and residences of ethnic minorities, keep quiet and ask the permission of the owner before entering the house;Respect the customs of ethnic minorities and do not talk nonsense in private.

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