Ant chain | integrity logistics: choose ant chain, help to take off

Ant chain build the interaction of the deep end of the LCL logistics platform, by nearly more than 30 cultivates the outstanding regional logistics company jointly established for many years, with science and technology, focusing on service for special line companies to provide quality of the goods, brought together a across the country dedicated partners are added to them, dare to have, have the vision,Cangzhou Ant Chain | Integrity logistics as a partner of ant chain dedicated line, actively play to join partner’s vitality, steady contribution to the forefront of dedicated line!Cangzhou Ant Chain | Integrity Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1999, cangzhou region is the strongest special line logistics, there are more than 50 direct national lines, set up 96 branches covering cangzhou region, the real realization of point nationwide, daily cargo volume of about 2000 tons, the distribution center covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters,More than 200 transport vehicles, more than 100 employees.| ant chain integrity in the growth and development of logistics in the future, will be on the Internet is the development idea, use advanced science and technology information system, excellent human resources, advanced operation system, to carry out all the time, unified brand, unified service, cut in a unified operating guidelines, up and down together, to build leading first-class, standardized, efficient and collaborative logistics network,To provide customers with personalized and diversified logistics services.Hand in hand ant chain Future is Mr 闫世清 as ant | chain integrity logistics sponsors, has over 20 years experience in logistics industry, has been successfully operating its own straight line more than 50, cangzhou | ant chain integrity as a local regional logistics LCL little overlord, like all of the special line has a common pain points: 1, the front end: large proportion high, thin profit;Collecting capacity needs to be improved.2. Terminal: distribution cannot be intensified, and the site utilization rate is low;Lack of effective risk control;Low level of information, difficult to track goods;Settlement rebate is not timely.Considering that the future development is weak, in order to achieve a more long-term and stable development, the rich experience in the logistics industry has already made Yan full of keen market sense, and has established business cooperation with a number of domestic logistics platforms.I came into contact with ant chain platform by chance among many platform logistics enterprises. After in-depth understanding, I finally chose to join in July 2021.Did it work for the system when you first added ant chain?Can we get the end service the line wants?Full of concerns, after several months of run-through and demonstration, it has been proved that ant chain is a platform needed by dedicated line logistics, and ant chain platform can meet the needs of dedicated line logistics: 1. The whole journey of a ticket can be seen by Phecas system, real-time settlement, payment for goods collected and freight paid in real time;2. The end of ant chain is the regional company that has been deeply cultivated for many years. The unloading aging is fast, the transfer aging is fast, and the delivery is timely;3. Professional quality control and operation training and control of the platform make the special line more worry and money saving and provide better service.After joining ant chain platform, as long as the special line delivers the goods to the distribution center, the intermediate links including claims settlement, timely unloading rate, timely transfer rate and capital security can be effectively guaranteed. From the starting city to the destination province, one ticket to the end can be realized and the whole journey can be seen.Relying on the platform, Ant Chain | Integrity Logistics has opened 14 direct lines in succession based on the ability of the platform to directly undertake the delivery of goods in most regions of the country while expanding the front-end network of collecting goods.After nearly half a year of cooperation, the operation data improved significantly, for example, the cost of delivery per ticket decreased from 196 yuan to 170 yuan per ticket;The delivery time of a single consignment has been reduced from 5.5 days to 4.5 days per consignment.More changes all the time, wish ant chain | integrity logistics in the development of the road is getting better and better!Cohesion, believe in the power of ant chain!The logistics industry is undergoing constant changes with increasingly fierce competition. The era of going it alone has passed. Only by relying on platforms and embracing changes together can we go further.Shanghai Ant Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in April 2020 by nearly 30 excellent regional logistics companies that have been deeply engaged in logistics for many years. The company is a logistics interactive platform based on deep cultivation terminal and linked by science and technology.Relying on the advantages of direct delivery and no blind area distribution in provinces and regions, to provide national open goods, co-distribution services, the main “direct delivery in the province next morning” and “same-city co-distribution of the same day” two core products;Through multi-brand aggregation operation, we provide standardized, informationized and intensive cost-effective services for regional companies, special line companies and 3PL.Adhering to the values of altruism, openness and win-win, with the mission of making logistics smarter and customer experience better, we aim to create a zero-carload logistics interactive platform.END ant chain logistics deep ploughing terminal LCL logistics interactive platform

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