Don’t set your moments to be visible in three days

A few days ago, the micro channel Riga an old classmate, he and I are still A village.Because of their work, but also because many years ago did not have mobile phones, we lost contact for many years.It was really a happy thing that I finally got in touch with him. I talked with him for a long time and knew that he was doing well outside and had a small company.When we are not chatting, I want to check his moments, mainly to see his appearance changes, the scenery around him, but what I get is “a line”, under the line there is nothing, a blank.Then, I also found that more and more people set “visible in the last three days” in wechat moments.When I try to see what’s going on in other people’s lives, it’s all a line that stops me.The people who set the wechat moments visible in the last three days have not realized that they are slowly alienating friends. They are clean, but they also block the relationship between people invisibly.Words can’t quite describe this feeling, and it’s a little embarrassing.There are three reasons why your network of friends can be ruining your relationships.Let those who care about you, slowly estranged, form an invisible “wall” between each other.The people who really care about you care about what you posted on moments.If the person who doesn’t care about you, doesn’t care what you post, everything has nothing to do with him.Some people set up moments to be visible for three days and immediately received calls from their friends, thinking that something big had happened to them or that they were having a difficult time.Those “net friends” don’t care about you that much. They just pass by your moments and click a “like”.The only people who really care about you are the ones who have connections in your life.There are also many friends around, add wechat friends, and then the first time is to see each other’s circle of friends, if nothing is seen, there will be a sense of loss, invisible, there is a “high wall”, one in the wall, one outside the wall, the heart is not the taste.A colleague of mine once got a phone call from his grandmother, asking him if there was something serious going on.Confused, he finally learned that his grandmother wanted to see his circle of friends, but he set “visible in the last three days”, grandmother did not see, so very anxious, hurried to call to ask.Since then, his circle of friends has been open forever, and he knows that on the other end of the network, there are some caring people who share his happiness and care about his troubles.People will think that you shield the “hidden” things, slowly lose their trust in you.When some people, can not see your circle of friends, will guess, such a person, is not the recent occurrence of “shady” things.Perhaps, over a period of time, you have disappeared from the circle of friends, others will delete you, from now on really irrelevant.A two people delete you, it does not matter, but a large number of people delete you, it does matter, you take out the phone, feel “quiet”, can not find a person to talk to.Blocking friends leads to distrust and loss of interpersonal relationships.If you can be an honest person, then what’s the point of blocking out moments?Honest love is the foundation of human relationship.Why should anyone trust you when you’re not being honest?From this perspective, you should understand that the relationship between people is delicate, “sincerity” is an important bond, like the relationship between a kite and its pilot, if the string is broken, the kite is lost.3, Without “circle of friends”, you will be more and more lonely, others can not come into your life, you do not want to share what with others.In fact, we do not have many sincere friends, often do what is “alone”.If you don’t have any friends in your circle of friends, you will feel more and more lonely.At least in the circle of friends, we can chat with each other, like the message, but also feel that many people care about you.Maybe, many people think that “there are no true friends in the circle of friends”, but after a long time, you will find that there are always a few people who have been paying attention to you. We have been dating for several years and become old friends. Although we have not entered the life, it has become a habit to care about each other.If you leave the circle of friends, every day alone, you will feel uncomfortable.”You can see it in the last three days” on moments, which is not so much to keep people away, but to lock everything about yourself, and finally to lock your mind.In fact, people need to be understood, fear of loneliness is a kind of instinct.If you set up your moments to be visible only for three days, you’re shutting everyone out, and you’re ruining your relationship, as well as your good mood.Tell you, do not set the circle of friends visible in the last three days!There’s nothing wrong with being honest and honest with your heart.I tell you, a straight face is not afraid of a crooked shadow. You’ve done nothing wrong. Why can’t you see people?Open your circle of friends and let others see it, too.

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