The significance of The Chinese women’s football team’s victory over the Japanese team, to the men’s football coach hit a weak to win the strong sample

Chinese women’s soccer team beat Japan, the meaning of this game is a, tell the team coach, what is the correct way of thinking is a strong team of train of thought, of course is to present two domestic Chinese football coach played model, so we can see men two domestic coach the problem of the World Cup qualifier, contrast ShuiQingXia hit Japan’s way of thinking.Li3 tie3 is 12 strong offensive, train of thought to counter attacking, but being criticized by the fans, or hold on, finally have nothing to do with grade class, but also because the Australian team losing in this paper, the cause of starting the headline number Orange luneng international football information li3 tie3 began also want offensive tactical thinking, but after the Australian team, began to have changed,, after all, he found himself a disparity between the team and the opponents, to play offense is not realistic, but playing defense has been criticized a lot, because many people think that he is intentionally does not use naturalized players, had been naturalized players basically all attacking players, fans think that the best defense is a attack, this is interesting, but really stubborn li3 tie3,Behind is not to choose such tactics, even if being criticized, don’t choose, although it did not win a lot, but lost the ball did not so much at the back of the game, at least this line and ShuiQingXia Japan’s similar, is defense, find a counter-attack opportunity, even if lost the ball, also won’t forget the defensive, lost the ball after the defensive counter-attack, too, so the thinking of li3 tie3 overall look is right,But he had some personal problems, and that’s why he left.Li Xiaopeng is personality coach, two games are all want to attack, the result is two defeats, defeat in this paper, starting the headline number Orange luneng information Li Xiaopeng international football is no absorbing experience li3 tie3, or in accordance with their own ideas, two World Cup games are all want to play offense, before may not see the Chinese team game, in addition to the Vietnam team,Li xiaopeng did not believe it. Finally, he lost two goals to The Japanese team and two goals to the Vietnamese team. It was obvious that the Chinese team did not have any good chances to score in these two games, and the problem of attack was very troublesome.However, Li Xiaopeng did not change and still believed that the attack was right. This was the biggest problem. All the available offensive players came out, so he did not choose the right playing style and lineup according to the strength of the team, which was the biggest problem.But basically the same idea as Shui Qingxia, Li Xiaopeng insisted on his own, is to attack, even if the attack can not play out, also want to attack.Shui Qingxia did well, before the penalty shoot-out, Wang Shanshan or the defender?In this paper, starting the headline number Orange luneng actually playing international football information Japan this game, the Chinese team to win on the one hand is the luck, frost was a king, Japan has a goal many players playing without, Japan actually not sure some opportunities to live, but the Chinese team should be two shots on goal, but all the goals.In fact, look carefully, no matter what time, as long as the Japanese team attack, Wang Shanshan is behind the defense, even if the Chinese team is behind, that is to say, the coach of the game adhere to the idea of defensive counterattack, is not to let Wang Shanshan to attack, even if it is behind, men’s football coach has this courage?This is why said Shui Qingxia this match to the Chinese men’s football coach hit a model of the reason, has been adhering to their own ideas, even if the loss also recognize.The point is that the coach does not change his tactical thinking just because he is behind.

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