2 in 5!Su Qun comment basket net trade: at least not lose money!On the lakers’ second half of the season: That’s it

The NBA trade deadline has passed, as many as 10 trades have been made, like Harden, Simmons, Harrell, Le Vell, schroder and other stars have changed teams, the most impressive is the Nets’ 2-for-5 trade.The Nets traded Harden and Millsap to Philadelphia for Simmons, Steph Curry, Jon Trang and two first-round picks at the trade deadline.NBA reporters in the past two days have also updated the inside information about the Separation of The Nets and Harden, it is reported that Harden’s brother Durant, has been opposed to trade Harden attitude, and Beard and the Nets reached a trade deadline agreement, so Harden has missed the past few games with a hamstring injury.Also, the Nets were unhappy with Harden’s nightlife, and because harden wanted a change of scenery, the Nets decided to trade, even if they didn’t get maxi and Sable.For the Nets and Philly, who gained and who lost.These two days, the fans have also been discussing.Su Qun, a famous basketball commentator, said bluntly on social media that the Nets were at least not losing money.In fact, teacher Su Qun’s words are very reasonable.First, Harden can opt out of his contract this offseason, so if the Nets don’t trade him, harden will essentially leave the team if they lose the championship, and the Nets will get nothing at that point.Second, the Nets get three stars who can play in the first place, and Simmons is one of the best playmakers and defenders in the league, who can fill in the holes in Irving’s defense.Whether Philly loses depends on how you look at it.The Philly front office doesn’t want to wait until the summer, after all, for harden and Embiid to form a superior duo that could move Philly closer to a championship.Add in the chaos of the Eastern Conference this season, with the Nets and bucks having their own problems, and Philadelphia might actually be able to get out.But for the Nets, simmons is guaranteed to start and Zhuang will get more minutes, but what to do with Steph Curry, who is averaging 15 points, 3.4 rebounds and four assists per game, will be a headache for Nash.With Steph and Mills overlapping, and Miesen scoring 13.5 points and shooting over 42 percent from 3-point range, both are essentially the same shooters, and one of them is bound to see his minutes plummet.The other team in the spotlight is the Lakers, who are 0 at the trade deadline for the third year in a row and have nothing to show for it at the trade deadline, focusing on the buyout market and signing players that other teams don’t want.The lakers suffered another setback, finishing in ninth place in the Western Conference at 26-30, and without westbrook, the lakers are in a tough spot.For the lakers’ prospects this season, Su qun believes that the lakers in the second half of the season basically so.In other words, the lakers are likely to make the play-offs with their current standings.It looks like lebron’s fifth title is going to be delayed, and if he gets knocked out early this year, the Lakers have wasted the last two years of lebron’s prime. Next season, Lebron will be 38 years old, his performance will surely decline, and the Lakers’ championship window is gradually closing.The only way for the lakers to rise is to have a third All-Star in addition to dealing with westbrook’s garbage contract. Otherwise, the lakers have been mostly a spectator in recent years, with the Bucks, Nets, Warriors, Philly, etc.

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