Avita 11 is backed by Ningde batteries and has the strongest battery life

For enterprises, the combination of strong companies is certainly worth celebrating. They can “learn from each other’s strengths” and do their best in all aspects.Avita, that’s the brand.The registered capital of Avita Technology increased from 288 million yuan to 1.172 billion yuan, and Ningde Times officially became the second largest shareholder of Avita Technology with 23.99% of its shares.In this year’s pure electric vehicle market, the hottest brand is Not Changan Automobile. Changan automobile, which has never entered the pure electric market, now gathers together with Huawei and Ningde Times to create a new brand, pure electric vehicle Avita.It came with great attention.Just a few days ago, Ningde Times announced that it would release the kirin battery using the third generation OF CTP technology. The comprehensive battery pack energy of the battery is 13% better than tesla’s 4680 battery. For Avita, which is now in a new stage of development, whether it can take the lead in applying the leading technology of Ningde times in the industry is worth observing.In terms of appearance design, Avita 11 adopts a new design style, smooth body lines, more athletic modeling, further reducing the air resistance of the body, but also bring young people different control desire;Combined with new F-shaped headlights and large-sized petal rims, the combination can reveal a sense of the future in the smart, delivering the avant-garde and bold, radical fashion design.From the overall design point of view, Avita 11 integrates line art and has great visual impact, especially the futuristic front face, which further improves the head-turning rate.Designed by Avita’s global design center in Munich, This latest design concept further demonstrates avita’s futuristic and technological sense.At present, Avita is based on the joint efforts of Changan, Huawei and Ningde Times. The first biw of Avita 11 has been off the production line, and the new car will be officially launched this year.In q2 2022, avita 11 will be officially announced;First batch production and customer delivery will be achieved in the third quarter.For Changan, of course, its ambitions go beyond that, with Avita planning to launch four models in four years.Avita technologies has diversified operations in Shanghai, Chongqing and Munich, Germany.Among them, the chongqing is global vehicle planning, research and development and manufacturing center, Shanghai is a global brand and software research and development center, Munich, Germany is the world’s design center, the vita in the definition of “smart” is no longer limited to the AI function of random, but simply to the ubiquitous “anthropomorphic communication”, to show strength of science and technology into the shape of the “flesh”.The unique background of changan, Ningde Times and Huawei to create this medium-sized SUV can actually reflect the strength of China’s automotive industry. Avita 11 is an industry-leading avita 11 in both hardware and software, or another dark horse in the field of pure electric vehicles.For the three brands, although their goals are different, they all share the same goal.As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and this lineup, like three zhuge liang, makes avita’s prospects worth looking forward to.For now, we’re just waiting for it to come out and surprise us.

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