Can sleeping in be a career?Under the cloak of legality, actually doing “gray business”?

Nowadays, people no longer simply pursue adequate food and warm clothing, while the material conditions are rich, there are often new demands.This demand is generally spiritual level, take now office workers commonly have insomnia, now the general insomnia is anxiety, the more anxious people are prone to insomnia, the more insecure people, the more insomnia.Many young people come to work in big cities and are always worried about the problems of high mortgage and high cost of marriage. The mental pressure that single young men find difficult to release in daily life may be excessively depressed at night and turn into insomnia symptoms.With the increase of insomnia crowd, all kinds of and spiritual comfort, psychiatric treatment demand is also increasing, so the market hypnotist, psychological consultant work will be more and more popular.In addition to the above jobs, sleeping therapists are one of the new industries that have emerged in recent years.The reason why the development prospect of sleeping division is so good, is because it can solve the insomnia in a certain state at the same time, but also to solve the spiritual needs of the crowd to provide more levels of pursuit.According to statistics provided by relevant departments, most people who suffer from insomnia are under great economic pressure, such people are generally low-income wage earners or unemployed people.According to statistical data, insomnia at least more than 300 million people, including middle and high income groups and teenagers.Insomnia among teenagers is mainly due to study pressure, weariness, psychological change in adolescence, marital breakdown of parents and other family reasons.Young people who enter society are more likely to do so because of marriage, job changes, income instability, lower wages and those and other reasons.Some problems often considered during the day, will form dreams or even unable to sleep at night, those who often suffer from insomnia because of anxiety will face the mental needs of catharsis pressure.In this case, the industry of sleepers gradually took shape.While psychotherapists, which we often hear about in the sleep industry, are a legitimate profession, sleepers were created entirely by the market.According to experts’ prediction: the industry has reached a trillion scale.The techniques used to put clients to sleep include telling stories, humming music and a bit of conversation.In addition, coax division also master certain massage skills, some senior coax division will also master the acupoints of the human body.Through the comprehensive treatment of body and mind to let customers achieve the effect of fast sleep, it can be said that the occupation can be popular, because there are a variety of ways to let customers relax the body and mind.According to the treatment of coax division is different, coax division can achieve income is also different, according to the statistical survey, coax sleeping skills lower division hourly salary can get about 50 yuan, with advanced coax sleeping skills division hourly salary can get amazing 300~500 yuan.That’s a lot more than working in a factory, and more than most office workers make.Of course, the above is only the hourly salary of the sleepers. If you work two to four hours a day, the senior sleepers can make more than 1,000 yuan a day.Some skilled sleepers can also be paid by higher-income clients, even under preferential conditions, the monthly income can get at least 30,000 yuan.Faced with the high salary of sleeping therapists, many women have started to join the profession.Many sleeping companies have also mastered a whole set of sleeping process in constant contact with customers, from which sleeping companies take a part of the income, both sleeping platform and sleeping master have been engaged in this industry for a long time to earn high profits.However, the industry is facing a situation is in the process of coaxing coax sleep division and customers can be in accordance with the normal coaxing procedure and legal provisions of the transaction, the current state for coaxing industry supervision is not too perfect, there are many only focus on high profits of the business has used illegal means to seek windfall profits.Some businesses send customers revealing pictures of the sleepers, while others use flirtatious language and unethical body gestures.By providing services to clients in such a marginal way, the sleepers can be induced to ask for other services with higher fees, and the sleepers can make a high profit after completing the transaction.In fact, at the same time as the development of the sleeping industry, the state also noticed that the sleeping division of the profession is not standardized, of course, there are always loopholes in the national supervision.Only the customer has this aspect of consciousness and coax sleep division to maintain a certain distance, in the process of coax sleep division discrimination coax sleep division used to coax sleep skills, so as not to let individual ulterior motives coax sleep division scheme to succeed.Conclusion Both consumers and sleepers should abide by relevant laws and regulations, and standardize the transaction of sleeping.In addition, insomnia has many factors, but the most important is to regulate their own mood, consumers must not blindly believe in the skills of coax sleep division.Can “Sleeping in” be a career?Under the cloak of legality, actually doing “gray business”?

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