Spring shopping car need not worry, Changan Auchan Spring live show to

In our country, the Spring Festival is the most important annual festival, during this holiday, people often hope to be able to add new content to watch the New Year new atmosphere of good vision, so today might as well take the year-end bonuses to auchan spring live show, here no matter you are the pursuit of personality or playing the pragmatism of the new generation consumers can choose to my car.For example, the changan Aushang X5 tiger noise edition that rolls out recently is very good, it is not only more motion, individual character, having the ceremonial feeling of echo Spring Festival, at the same time it still is put on sale with the form of limit, more showed a few minutes of another kind precious.Changan Auchan X5 Tiger Roar limited edition as to welcome the coming of the year of the Tiger limited edition models, in the appearance of nature to make some improvements, its whole car based on changan Auchan X5 sport version to build, the vehicle looks very radical, full of aggression,No matter from which point of view it is like a professional modified racing car, for young people, such a design is undoubtedly very exciting, can better meet the pursuit of personalized car aesthetic consumers.And on detail, changan Aushang X5 tiger roar limited edition is having a lot of “fantastic ideas” on the suite that uses, be in for instance between gate position in the intake air, it used chromeplated trim + gules flame adornment, already “auspicious” be full of enthusiasm again.The black wheel hub also uses the sport brake calipers painted in red, the rear wind glide sport tail fin and the diffuser trim below are painted in red, and the exhaust pipe is a round bilateral double layout, which looks like a high-performance car, making people full of driving desire just by looking at it.When buying a car, young people should not only look at the appearance design of the vehicle, but also the vehicle system. After all, the new generation of consumers are growing up in the Internet era, and the vehicle is not intelligent, which is absolutely not acceptable.In this regard, Changan Auchan X5 tiger Roar limited edition is equipped with Auchan OnStyle3.0 intelligent car machine system must be able to let young people feel a variety of “black technology” brought by the sensory impact.Since it is based on changan Auchan X5 sport version to create limited edition models, Changan Auchan X5 tiger Roar limited edition of nature in the power system continues the sport version of high performance characteristics.Changan Auchan X5 Tiger Roar limited edition is equipped with changan automobile independent research and development of high performance Blue Whale NE1.5T cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, can output 132 kw of maximum power and 300 N · m of peak torque, with blue Whale 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission can achieve the acceleration performance of 7.79 seconds.In addition, in order to make driving more fun, Changan Auchan X5 tiger Roar limited edition is also equipped with “overtaking mode” and “track mode”, the former can make the hair change system into chicken blood state, in a short time to provide higher performance output, complete the ultimate state of the force action.While the latter can make the car screen display vehicle acceleration, throttle opening, steering Angle, turbine pressure and other data, the sound system will also make the sound wave compensation, so that the driving atmosphere in the car more ceremonial sense, the overall driving experience comparable to or even crushed many professional steel gun models, people are very satisfied.Write at the end:New car, changan auchan X5 roars limited edition no matter from which point of view is a perfect choice object, one of its exterior design trenchant, sports, fashion, the rich and practical intelligent configuration, the blessing of power system and various patterns allow people to get more fun to drive, and its price is 100000 yuan only, price is also very attractive,For young people, changan Auchan X5 tiger roar limited edition how to look is a can not be missed “god car”, choose it can be wrong?

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