I’ll pay you $500,000 a year, nine to twelve?Programmer: They want me to take a pay cut to work overtime

Recently, a net friend posted a post in the programmer community: “I work from 9 to 12 every day, and I will pay you 500,000 yuan a year.The post soon attracted many comments from programmers: “I’m crazy to take 955 salary cut to 9125″;”I don’t know. I’ve never been paid so little.””Do you have some misunderstanding about 50W”;”When I saw the comments section, I felt that China’s PER capita GDP should not be only $10,000.At least $10W “;”I’m crazy to take a pay cut to 9125 every day”;”Pulse per capita million annual salary”;”Life for money, and money for life.Life is the most important “;”When I read the comments, I feel like I’m dragging everyone’s feet”;In addition, another netizen commented: “MY 10:19.5 days, the total package and you almost 52W”;”Does everyday mean 9127?If you go up 1000%, you can run for half a year and make fast money.”I’m crazy to quit 007’s $100,000 and go for 9125’s $500,000″;”From 9 to 5, 500,000 can be considered, after all, the annual salary has been reduced by half”;”I did the same thing when I was paid 35 a year…”;”What company is worth taking a pay cut to work overtime?Is it true love “;”Life is so cheap?”;”Eight hours of work equivalent to less than $200,000 before tax, poor rating”;Other users commented: “No, you’re cutting your salary when you work from 9 to 7.””Take a pay cut to work six hours overtime every day”;”Not even 500W”;”No, take a pay cut and work longer hours than I do now”;”You add two zeros after me and I’ll do it”;”Do you understand what 9125 is?””Before and after tax”;”I’m not going to take a pay cut anyway”;Through the analysis of the comments of the netizens, we collected a cloud map and summarized the views of the netizens.What do you think about this question? Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.

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