The emotions of modern Mayan marriage ranged from loyalty to treachery

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Mention the mayans, will think of primitive tribe who was naked jungle TaHuangRen, will think of patches of totem and ruins of the buildings in a wilderness;”Mayan calendar,” “The end of the world,” “mysterious aliens.Compared with ancient Egypt, Ancient Babylon, ancient India and ancient China, the Mayan civilization is known as the fifth ancient civilization and has attracted much attention.Maya was born in the tropical rain forest, and miraculously rise and development, the peak population of more than 5 million, why suddenly abandoned to create the destruction of civilization, into the depths of the unknown jungle, behind is the half-built city and temple……Some people thought that the Mayans had died out since then, but in fact there were still many Mayans living in Central America, and this was the opportunity for the ancient Mayan civilization to be excavated.”Three Thousand Years of Maya” is a classic work written by Sylvinas Morley, a scholar of Maya civilization who spent 20 years investigating and discovering the experience of Maya civilization. It is regarded as a masterpiece by readers who like Maya civilization.In order to comprehensively study the Maya civilization, Mr. Morley has been immersed in the life of modern Maya for a long time, and has a close understanding of their living habits and characteristics, which is very readable.02. The Mayan infant mortality rate was high, with 70 per cent of healthy babies dying before the age of five, but the Maya remained healthy and rarely fell ill into adulthood.The Maya birth rate is very high, it may make up for the high rate of this problem, the mayan people get married early, every Maya girl since married gave birth to a child, to the last child, experience is about 18.5 years, before and after the seven to nine children, but some children will die, so bring up less than half.A few days after the child was born, he was taken to a priest, who predicted the child’s fortune for life, as well as the career he was going to take, and finally the child was given a childhood name during baptism. As the Mayans grew older, they usually had three or four names in their lifetime.When the child is three or four years old, the boy will tie a white bead on his head, and the girl will tie a red shell on her waist, symbolizing chastity.Wait until 14.5 years old before puberty baptism, these two things can not privately take down, if done, will think is dishonorable things, especially girls can not do so.During the first three days of a child’s puberty baptism, both the father and the official of the ceremony fasted and were forbidden to have sex with their wives. On the day of the ceremony, boys and girls stood in separate lines and were led to the priest by their godparents to ward off evil spirits.03 into the puberty of girls, has arrived at the age of marriage, the mother will teach girls to pay attention to some problems, such as whenever and wherever you meet a man, to the other side, go to the side to let him go first.When offering a drink to a man, the girl lowered her eyes, and if she was caught looking at the man, her mother would rub chili peppers into their eyes as punishment.The mother had to teach her daughter how to make tortillas, a life skill every Mayan woman needed, along with washing clothes and giving birth, three tasks that took up the most time in a Mayan woman’s life.Mayan women were also housekeepers, cooks and weavers, raising poultry, selling their handiwork in markets and working with men in the corn fields during busy farming seasons.Many Mayan families arranged marriages when the children were very young and faithfully fulfilled their promises as adults, with the man responsible for all the costs of the wedding and even the woman’s dowry. Both the landowner and the Mayan laborer performed the ceremony according to this custom.After the marriage, the man is expected to live in the woman’s home and work for her in-laws for 6.7 years. If the groom fails to do so, his father-in-law will kick him out of the house and his daughter will marry someone else.The Mayan people were usually monogamous, but divorce was very easy, one party simply abandoned the other, and they could divorce over a small thing and break faith, so some Mayan people may have been married multiple times.Some mayans were tempted to divorce because of the lack of love before marriage, lack of affection, and lack of consensus about married life, while others remained committed and faithful throughout their lives.4. The Mayans were a curious paradox. They expected themselves to be always clean in appearance and clothing, bathing both children and adults once a day, sometimes twice as well.When the men came back from the fields, the women had prepared hot water for their bath, and if this was not done properly, the husband had the right to beat his wife.For most Of the Maya, there was no running water or pump in their houses, and all their water had to be dripped from the well in clay POTS or iron buckets, no small feat for the Maya, who were obsessed with personal cleanliness.However, the Cleanliness requirements of their homes were much lower, and the yard was littered with animal feces and discarded broken dishes and cans, leading to an atmosphere of squalor.The Mayan custom that men and women could not eat together, the women served the men first, then the women of the family ate, the women would spread a mat on the floor, in place of a table, and eat on it, this custom continues to this day.The Mayans were staunchly fatalistic and unafraid of death. The elderly would one day suddenly declare themselves near death and lie down in hammocks to die.Mr. Morley, the author of “Three Thousand Years of Maya,” went deep into the life of the Maya people, and had a detailed understanding of the living habits and customs of the modern Maya people, and also played a lot of help to the research and excavation of the ancient Maya civilization.Three Thousand Years of Maya this book covers geography, history, calendar, customs, art and many other aspects, integrating the research results of archaeology, history, anthropology, sociology and other fields, presenting the characteristics of the Maya civilization in many aspects, is one of the authoritative works on the Maya civilization so far.This is a great book to read if you want to get a thorough understanding of the Maya civilization.About author: Gu Ziyu, a freelance writer, shares good stories with you.A family of three go back to the city to fuel their gas with their children’s Lucky money. The couple said: “The Spring Festival is a” disaster “for middle-aged couples to return home for the Spring Festival.The man is tired and happy, the woman is tired and helpless to return to the northeast home for the New Year, the daughter-in-law put on her mother-in-law to buy cotton pajamas hair circle of friends, was praised by everyone

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