There were five shang Shu servants in Shu Han: one was the son of Zhuge Liang and the other was the son of Zhang Fei

Shang Shu Po (PU) cha (ye), the adjutant of Shang Shu Province, became the governor of Shang Shu Province after shang Shu Ling became a dummy post, and became the worthy chief minister in the early Tang Dynasty and the late Northern Song Dynasty.In The Three Kingdoms Period, shang Shu Po shi was mainly responsible for the clerical work of the court, as well as the duties of evaluating officials, supervising officials, and giving advice and suggestions.Therefore, shang Shu poche had a lot of power because of his close relationship with the emperor.Among them, in the history of Shu Han, there were five shang Shu servants.For these five ministers, they included Zhuge Liang’s son Zhuge Zhan and Zhang Shao, Zhang Fei’s son.One, Li Fu li Fu (?~ c. 238), styled Sun De, was born in Zitongfu County (now Mianyang City, Sichuan Province).Li Fu’s father Li Quan was a powerful man in Yizhou. When Liu Yan was in power in Yizhou, he killed Li Quan.Therefore, when Liu Bei pacified Yizhou, Li Fu naturally surrendered to the former, and served as a shu zuo, county magistrate and other posts.After liu Chan ascended the throne, Li Fu first served as jiangzhou governor, and was given the title of Yangwei General.Later, Li Fu came to Chengdu, was appointed by the empress Liu Chan shang Shu servant shot, sealed Pingyang Ting Hou.In 234, When Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of Shu Han, was on his deathbed, Liu Chan sent Li Fu to Wuzhangyuan to inquire about zhuge Liang’s future arrangements.In this regard, Zhuge Liang said that Jiang Wan and Fei Yi could inherit their positions.Li Fu returned to Chengdu and conveyed zhuge Liang’s words to liu Chan.In the early years of Yanxi, General Jiangwan went to hanzhong to wage war, and Li Fu, the former commander of the imperial army, died in office.His son, Li Xiang, is known for his extraordinary intelligence.Due to the lack of historical records, there is no clear statement about the time and place of yao 伷’s birth.In 214, liu Bei, after the pacification of Yizhou, appointed Yao 伷 to the post of cao Shuzuo.In 223 AD, after liu Chan ascended to the throne, Yao 伷 served as prefect of Guanghan County.In 228 AD, Yao 伷 followed Zhuge Liang in his northern expedition to central China.Of course, yao 伷 mainly played a sounding board role, which contributed to his lack of success.In 234 AD, after Zhuge Liang died of illness, Yao 伷 was promoted to the rank of Shang Shu Manchu.In the course of taking part in the affairs of the imperial court, Yao 伷 was praised for his sincere and dedicated character.Yao 伷 died of illness in about 242 AD.Dong Jue, styled Gong Shi, was born in Pingshi County, Yiyang County (now Tongbai County, Henan Province).As a major official of Shu han during The Three Kingdoms Period, Dong Jue was a fellow countryman of Wei Yan, general of Zhenbei.Zhuge Liang opened the house, Dong Jue served as the prime minister of the house history, moved the house master book, praised as “good scholar”.Tired moved shang Shu servant shot, nan Xiang Hou.Wait until the death of Shang Shu Chen Ji, Dong Jue succeeded shang Shu, that is, from the deputy into a full-time position.In the fourth year of Jingyao (261), Dong Jue moved to the post of general Fu Guo, and wei General Zhuge Zhan and pingshang shu matter, together with fan Jian in charge of imperial affairs.At this time, empress Liu Chan favored eunuch Huang Hao, but Dong Jue without correction.This accelerated the process of the demise of Shu Han to a certain extent.In 263, Sima Zhao, who held the power of Cao Wei, mobilized 180,000 troops to attack Shu Han.During the war of Wei and Shu, Jiang Wei blocked the army led by Zhong Hui in Jiange.However, taking advantage of this opportunity, Deng Ai secretly crossed yinping, or successfully eliminated Shu Han.At that time, Dong Jue, who had been in Chengdu, was ordered to support Jiang Wei. As a result, Deng Ai’s siege of Chengdu left Liu Chan short of troops to continue his resistance.After the surrender of Liu Chan, Dong Jue followed Jiang Wei to surrender to the state of Wei and served successively as the prime minister of the state of Wei.Four, Zhang Shao Zhang Shao (?-?)Zhuo County (today’s Zhuozhou city, Hebei Province) people.Zhang Shao was the second son of Zhang Fei, a general of Shu han in The Three Kingdoms period.During the reign of Liu Chan, Zhang Shaoguan worships, Shang Shu servant shot, zhang Fei inherited the title of Xixiang Hou.Zhang Shao was not only the son of Zhang Fei, but his two sisters became empress of Liu Chan successively.Therefore, Liu Chan naturally very trust Zhang Shao, so that he accompanied by the side, for its advice.In 263 AD, Shu Han fell. Emperor Liu Chan, Zhang Shao and other shu Han ministers entered Luoyang, and Cao Wei conferred zhang Shao the title of Marquis.Finally, unlike Zhang Shao, Zhuge Zhan failed to get a happy ending.Zhuge Zhan (227-263), courtesy name Siyuan, was born in Yangdu County, Langya County (yinan County, Shandong Province).He was the son of Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of Shu Han during The Three Kingdoms period.According to the records of The Three Kingdoms and other historical materials, after Zhuge Zhan came of age, he married the princess of Shu Han, worshied the commander of the capital, and attacked the Marquis of Wuxiang.From this point of view, Liu Chan was obviously grateful to Zhuge Liang for his kindness to his only son.From the seventh year of Yanxi to the third year of Jingyao (244-260 years), Zhuge Zhan moved to Shang Shu servant shot, added officer military general.Jingyao four years (261), Zhuge Zhan and auxiliary state general Dong Jue and for the ping Shang shu, leading the court affairs.However, empress Liu Chan favor Huang Hao, Zhuge Zhan no correction, this is very disappointing.In 263, after Cao Wei’s general Deng Ai sneaked into Yinping, Zhuge Zhan led his eldest son Zhuge Shang, generals Zhang Zun, Li Qiu, and Huang Chong to defend Mianzhu (now Deyang City, Sichuan Province).However, in the face of the experience of Deng Ai, Zhuge Zhan did not listen to Huang Chongshu’s advice, lost the machine, and then out of the city and Deng Ai decisive battle, so the defeat was killed, Mianzhu fell.On this basis, Deng Ai successfully besieged Chengdu and forced liu Chan to surrender.Therefore, The demise of Shu Han, Zhuge Zhan also has unshirkable responsibility.

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