300,000 to 350,000 yuan, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Highlander, Volvo XC60, XT5, after reading, you will know who to buy

Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Fang.Comments from backstage fans, with a budget of 350,000 yuan, struggling to choose between three cars, Toyota Highlander, Volvo XC60 and Cadillac XT5.From the perspective of brand positioning, Highlander belongs to the popular models of joint venture brands, while XC60 and XT5 belong to the relatively popular medium-sized SUVs of second-tier luxury brands.Then the content of this issue to analyze, these three cars in the end how to buy?First of all, the selling point of Highlander is large space and solid and durable. The 2022 brand new Highlander adopts a 2.5 hybrid system, with two tons of dead weight and only six or seven oil in urban driving, which can be said to be quite fuel-efficient in the same class.Which configuration is worth starting with?Elite version of the configuration is too low, I personally recommend to consider the premium version, like electric trunk, leather seats, leather steering wheel, front seat heating, head display, lens LED headlights, 12.3 inches of the central control screen are equipped, configuration can be said to be relatively rich.As for two drive with four drive, according to their own driving conditions to decide.Volvo XC60 Volvo XC60 terminal concessions in the current 60,000 or so, the entry version only one configuration, naked car prices in the 310,000 or so.But equipped with 2.0t low power engine, safety configuration is very high, but comfort configuration is low.So the relative volume is the B5 Smart luxury version, after the discount naked car price at about 330,000 yuan.The 2.0-ton high power engine has 250 HP and 48-volt light mixing system. The zero-hundred acceleration takes just over seven seconds. The power is very strong and the low-speed start and start-stop intervention are smooth.The XC60 is rich in active and passive safety features, and the adaptive cruise system is pretty good at high speed.Chassis performance handling is good, but the ability to filter is just as good, sound insulation level can only be said to be a medium level.Disadvantages, it is used cars do not maintain value, fuel consumption is not low.Cadillac XT5 offers more discounts than XC60, up to 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.The full 2.0-ton high-powered engine, with 237hp, also adds a 48-volt light-mix system and eight more seconds of zero acceleration. It’s not as powerful as the XC60, but it’s good enough for home use.Two drive entry version of the naked car price is about 270,000, if you want to four-wheel drive, the four-wheel drive luxury version after the discount should be about 310,000.It’s on par with the XC60’s Smarts Deluxe.The chassis is not as maneuverable as the XC60, but it is better than the XC60 in terms of shock absorption, comfort and price performance.The downside is that the interior is older and the car smells a bit worse than the XC60.In conclusion, if you want to buy an SUV with a large space and a low maintenance cost, durable leather and good value, Highlander is the best one, as long as you don’t care too much about the elegance and brand.In terms of price, my advice to buy a Highlander is no markup, no decoration, and bring the car at a reasonable price.If you have power, safety or environmental requirements, consider the XC60. Maintenance costs are no lower than those of top-tier luxury brands, and used car warranty rates are mediocre.Cadillac XT5 is one of the most cost-effective cars, and its price has already overlapped with many joint venture brands in the same class.This content we talk about this, if you have a car question, follow me in the comments section.Today’s topic: 300,000 to 350,000 yuan, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Highlander, Volvo XC60, XT5, after looking, you will know who to buy

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