Development and application of uav technology

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the development of intelligent technology, uav technology has developed rapidly. Its advantages of low price and easy control make UAV rapidly promoted and used in various fields.Uav has the characteristics of ultra-low flying, slow flying speed and small structure, and is also known as “low slow small” aircraft.At present, with the increasing demand for UAV in all fields of society, the types of UAV are more and more diverse. According to the shape and structure of UAV, uav can be divided into fixed wing, multi-rotor and unmanned helicopter.When it comes to agricultural equipment produced on farms, what we think of is basically large mechanical equipment such as tractors and planters, which are huge and expensive.With the development of science and technology, the uav technology evolved from a simple model airplane, its development is gradually mature, the application scope is gradually expanding, and the development and application in agriculture has been manufacturers, agricultural scholars and farmers and other parties concerned more and more.So what can drones do for us in agriculture?Without the help of drones, farmers would have to personally inspect every inch of land to get a detailed picture of how crops are growing, which would cost a lot of manpower, material resources and time.The UAV can take a large number of pictures and collect data through its camera, which is far beyond the range of our human eyes. It helps farmers timely grasp and monitor the growth of crops, whether the soil is too dry or wet, the range of pests and diseases, the diseases of crops, and whether the crops have matured, etc.This can help farmers accurately determine the timing and location of irrigation, auxin and pesticide spraying, crop harvesting and other aspects, as well as assist farmers in assessing crop losses and improving drainage systems.

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