High definition big picture!10 stunning moments from the Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Late February 4 the 24th winter Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing national stadium came to a visitor from the Yellow River water heaven every creative dancing around the bird’s nest to amaze from ordinary Chinese people from the flag to the five-star red flag hand in photograph reflect with snow and ice rings every feelings reach the heart of 01 twenty-four solar terms the countdown is over the bird’s nest “SPRING SPRING” flameFire Beijing Olympics opening day coincided with the first solar term, SPRING begins countdown of twenty-four solar terms “SPRING” to blow the dandelion seeds of white children fly into the air over the bird’s nest “dandelion” and “SPRING” “SPRING” in both English and Chinese fireworks fireworks will be a cold day named as the starting point of SPRING because Chinese believe that often breeds in the arcticNew life 02 national flag in the hands of ordinary Chinese people from the moment the most reach the heart flag passed during admission representatives from all walks of life, including China national service personnel, 56 ethnic groups on behalf of all of them are ordinary people with their hands from the ways of expressing emotions between people and the national flag 03 national flag national anthem thumb up great motherland by ordinary Chinese people palmsThe national flag was passed to the flag class. The national anthem was loud and clear. The national flag was raised with the solemn national anthem.Thumb up great motherland 04 ice blue ink from the sky to “Yellow River water heaven,” a drop of water of the Yellow River ice sky blue ink to pour down the picture of the artistic conception from the ancient verse “Yellow River water heaven,” this is the Chinese praise the mother river of the romantic imagination and 05 icecube gradually broken a glittering and translucent get rid of snow and ice carving rings six hockey playerWith image interactive hockey puck struck over and over again in video space after the whole piece of ice cube cataclastic sculpture gradually become a glittering and translucent get rid of ice and snow rings which is the process of “ice” in Chinese culture “ice-breaking” on behalf of breaking barriers, resolve contradictions, approached each other, understand each other 6 open “the Chinese door” to welcome guests “open the window to see China’s” snow and ice carving “China” and”The “National window” is based on the classic traditional door and window patterns of various parts of China. The athletes walk through the “Chinese door” meaning the Chinese people open the door to welcome friends from all over the world to gather together. The “Chinese window” at the foot of the Athletes of the Winter Olympics is the beautiful rivers and mountains around China.The five-star red flag box with snow and ice rings in the music of ode to the motherland the host Chinese team to enter the Beijing Olympics the Chinese sports delegation the scale of the total number of 387 people for all of the 08 build moral snowflakes “among” all controllers with all participating countries (regions) of the snowflakes guide card through dance and interaction with the ground all snowflakes aggregation build togetherInto a large snowflakes 09 air show “guest-greeting pine” welcome the arrival of the guests all over the world a pine tree grows in the mountain rock crevices of at least 1300 years old it side branches stretched out very like a man stretching out a arms to welcome the distinguished guests winter Olympic Games in Beijing the opening fireworks in the sky for the first time to present “guest-greeting pine” 10 torch is welcome guests all over the world”Micro world “and” fire “in children’s chorus” snow “no one hundred” big snow “rise again in the song of the last great into a Beijing Olympic cauldron with the torch which is one hundred years of Olympic history never had the” fire “is destined to become a classic in the history of the Olympic moment Beijing Olympics have cheer up, all of the games athletes!Come on, Chinese team!Source: People’s Daily wechat (ID: RMRBWX) Integrated with Xinhua News Agency

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