Nancheng new East joint purchase haffer big dog enjoy 7 luxury gifts

Nancheng new east lianjia Hafu big dog enjoy 7 heavy luxury gift [decompression financial gift] : 1.5T models to enjoy 80,000 24 period 0 interest;2.0T models to enjoy 100 thousand 24 period 0 interest or 80 thousand 30 period 0 interest [sincerity replacement gift] : old customers to enjoy 7000 yuan replacement subsidy;[Value added gift] : additional purchase subsidy of 2000 YUAN;[Pet care gift] : 12 free basic maintenance in 6 years;[Unlimited flow gift] : basic flow free for life, enjoy, entertainment service flow free for 3 years;[Lifetime warranty] : Engine, transmission core parts lifetime warranty;[Exclusive fashion brand gift] : join the Hadog state will send a Hafu big dog logo;The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 23, 2022

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