This new restaurant in Texas is so hidden, it’s feeding 200 people for free!I advise you to come early…

This newly opened new store is located in Small Shenzhuang, Texas, just entered the store can see the unique street style of Hong Kong.Flashing gorgeous neon lights, earth gas red soft chair, white green lattice wall brick, exquisite small details all do not reflect the operator’s intentions.Before dinner can also have a thrilling game with friends, this cool arcade, does it remind you of it?Hong Kong style decoration can be seen everywhere, which is very suitable for fashionable people to take photos.There are all kinds of single rooms, give you enough sense of privacy!As one of the representatives of original taste, the Hong Kong style stove is a “model” loyal to the original taste of food materials.Flagship Hong Kong side furnace, fully showing the natural flavor of food, as much as possible to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role – and, of course, because of the taste too pot is the key to build flavor, various fishing fight and furnace bottom is divided into three flavors – pepper, jintang and pepper, cane here, placard is pepper pork belly chicken store will point, with solid ingredients visible to the naked eye.A selection of fresh chicken and high-quality pork bellies, simmered for a long time, are infused with nutrients that make your mouth water.Although it looks like a clear soup, its taste can not be underestimated.The chicken braised over charcoal is lean but not wood, delicate and tender;Pork belly also Q smooth bomb ~ before officially open to eat first filled with a bowl of soup, instantly radiant, what ex-boyfriend facial mask what SK-LL fairy water, all do not need!Chicken unique rich chicken flavor, tender meat, pork belly chewy, thick and refreshing.Both perfectly absorb the aroma of the soup bottom, “thick, sweet, clear” layer by layer, mouth into the stomach, embellish but not dry, nourishing the skin, nourishing the stomach and kidney.Dip in the special seafood sauce, dip in the ingredients, the fresh air is called the head!The sweet taste is enough to linger on all night and make you want to eat more!After the chicken and pork belly, you’ll be left with a pot of good soup, perfect for shabu-shabu.Fat sheep and beef lovers, remember to order more meat.Fragrant small crisp meat also come on, most suitable for conversation when snacks to eat ~ delicious yogurt hemp flower, is the best dessert after dinner oh, sweet girl can not miss.Horseshoe water, is the characteristics of cantonese restaurants, drink up a light sweet, not only can solve the greasy can also go to the fire!✜ ✜ ✜ ✜ ✜ Whether it is the Hong Kong style atmosphere of full emotional appeal or the quality of the soup and taste fresh food can always bring extraordinary surprise to you who love Hong Kong and Guangdong feelings ~

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