He went to China’s gates and preached “color revolution”

Macau “new Hua Ao Newspaper” website on March 30 published a powerful article entitled “second CIA” to China’s Taiwan advocate “color revolution”.The full text is reproduced below:Wilson, the head of the National Endowment for Democracy (NDRC), which has been criticized as a “second CIA” by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman for promoting “color revolutions” around the world, has been working in China’s Taiwan region.He openly boasted that he had instiled “color revolutions” in Lithuania, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Hong Kong, and officially announced that the 11th “World Democracy Global Congress” co-organized by the Foundation and the Taiwan Democracy Foundation would be held in Taipei this October.In response to this plot, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on The 29th sternly pointed out that the head of this organization is now going to China’s Taiwan region under the guise of so-called “democracy”. What he is selling in the gourd is not a good recipe for democracy, but a poison that incites separatism.The so-called leaders’ Summit on Democracy held by the US last year ended badly.If the US tries to engage in political manipulation in support of “Taiwan independence” under the pretext of democracy, it will only meet with greater failure.As Wang Wenbin has pointed out, the “national democratic foundation” so-called “second cia”, the group claims to “non-government, non-profit, actually has long funded by the U.S. congress and the White House,” the so-called “democracy” banner everywhere in the world is engaged in the values of permeability, overthrow the damage other regime, fomenting anti-government movement shameful business deals.In recent years, the “orange Revolution” and the “Jasmine Revolution”, the “law amendment” in Hong Kong, the anti-government demonstrations in Thailand and other “color revolutions”, upheavals and violent incidents occurred in many countries, all of which are behind this organization.In 2020 alone, the organization provided more than $10 million to nearly 70 China-related projects to promote activities that threaten China’s political and social stability, according to data released on the organization’s website.The National Endowment for Democracy was founded in 1983 with the main purpose of exporting democracy to other countries or regions outside the United States, that is, promoting color revolutions.The so-called “democracy movements” in Lithuania, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Hong Kong that Wilson mentioned to Tsai on October 29 are actually “color revolutions” instigated and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy.As for Wilson also said Taiwan’s “democratic movement”, in addition to the long-term support of the democratic progressive party (DPP) and the pro-independence groups, through the way of election to the KMT group “power” action, including funding with a nature of “color revolution” “sunflower demonstration”, in order to obstruct the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, kill the cross-straits peaceful reunification.In 2019, the Chinese government announced the imposition of sanctions on five so-called Non-Governmental organizations in the United States that were involved in instigating and supporting the “black violence” in Hong Kong, Including the National Endowment for Democracy.”National democratic foundation” and Taiwan areas of the United States “democracy foundation hosted the 11th global conference” “the world democratic movement in China is obviously of the gate, the noise of the” color revolution “, and “Taiwan independence” “xinjiang independence” “Tibet independence” secessionist forces “pep talk”, such as the unity of the severe challenge to China’s national territorial integrity and sovereignty, integrity and security.Therefore, we must be highly alert to this and take appropriate countermeasures.Source: Reference message

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