Lanzhou Yongdeng: The supermarket has sufficient supplies to ensure orderly epidemic prevention and control

During the chenhui epidemic, yongdeng County’s commercial super strictly in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, launched the epidemic prevention and control emergency plan, implement the epidemic prevention and control measures to protect people’s livelihood, stabilize prices, to ensure people’s livelihood.On March 15, reporters visited supermarkets in the county and learned that during the epidemic prevention and control period, meat, vegetables, grain, oil and other daily necessities related to people’s lives were in sufficient supply and the price was stable.In the Jia Baile supermarket, shelves full of all kinds of goods shelves, goods are still dazzling.In the grain, oil and vegetable section, the shelves are also full of green Onions, tomatoes, radishes, shiitake mushrooms, eggs and other vegetables and seasonal fruits commonly bought by citizens.In the interview process, Jia Baile supermarket general manager Zhu Qianpeng is transporting food and rice with employees, he told reporters that the supermarket insists on providing low price, fair price and high quality materials for the public, to ensure adequate supplies, shelves in stock, to protect the daily needs of the public.For days, yongdeng county major supermarkets pass of safety, set up the instructions at the entrance, is equipped with a temperature testing point in each at the entrance to the supermarket, to enter the supermarket staff holding temperature detector temperature tests of each customer, to keep a rein, into the supermarket customers and supermarket staff consciously wore masks.At the same time, the supermarket has also strengthened the cleaning and disinfection of the supermarket environment, on the basis of ensuring sufficient supply of goods, to provide customers with a healthy and safe shopping environment.

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