Pregnant woman in snow night labor!Enshi 3 policemen split the 10km “life passage” in 4 hours

“ · China Hubei” is a professional platform specially set up by, a key news website of the CPC Central Committee, providing all-round services for hubei publicity in the new era. E-mail:, Tel: 027-88221118, fax:027-88221101 February 7 at 2:00 in the morning, Enshi Xianfeng County Qingping town of a pregnant woman about to give birth, the road was blocked by the snow hits the trees, ambulance can not move.Critical moment, qingping police station with a chainsaw, a sickle, lasted 4 hours to split a 10 km “life channel”, the pregnant woman was successfully sent to xianfeng County people’s Hospital for labor, mother and child is safe.”My daughter-in-law water is broken, want to give birth immediately, but the road snow is thick, still have fallen tree, how to do?”7 at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, Qingping police station on duty police Wang Wu received Mr. Luo’s call for help.”Don’t worry. We’ll be right over.”While comforting luo, Wang Wu contacted village committees along the way and asked for help in clearing the road.On the evening of June 6, qingping town of Xianfeng County suffered a sudden snowstorm, which caused ice on roads and made it difficult for vehicles to pass.As the grassroots police station did not have large snow removal equipment, Wang wu immediately decided to take the only tools in the station that could be used to clear roadblocks — chainsaws and sickles — and set out for his destination.In the face of the snow and ice weather, the traffic was blocked. For the safety of the pregnant woman, the police decided to take the police car in front, followed by the ambulance transporting the pregnant woman.When the police car arrived at Shenliba section of Qingping Town, the road was full of trees crushed by the snow and vehicles could not pass.Wang Wu and the other two auxiliary police immediately took a chainsaw, sickle off to cut trees.It was snowing all over the sky, and for every tree the police cut down, the ambulance moved forward.3 police, 1 sickle, 1 chainsaw, saw a meter ambulance forward 1 meter;Ten kilometers of road, lasted four hours, at 6 am, qingping town ambulance and county ambulance finally converged, safely completed the transfer of the pregnant woman.”As FAR as I can remember, more than 40 trees were cut down on this stretch of road.Especially when it comes to falling trees, I just want to race against time and don’t wear any gloves.”Afterward, Wang Wu looked at his frostbitten hands and smiled.”Thank you so much, mother and baby are doing well and daughter-in-law is doing well.”At 12 o ‘clock on February 7, Mr. Luo received the good news phone, the stone in the heart of the police also finally fell.Source: Enshi Evening News Civilization Enshi Civilization Hubei author: Hu Siyu, Zhou Fan

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